From the mouths of babes #11

From the mouths of babes is a weekly linky which invites you to share a post, old or new, about something your children have said. Perhaps they have just started babbling for the first time, or said their first definite word. It could be something cute, or funny, or incredibly embarrassing – whatever it is, I’d love to hear all about it.


Thank you so much to everyone who linked up last week – I really enjoyed reading all your posts about the things that your little ones have been saying – the embarrassing and funny things and the adorable moments. Le Coin de Mel’s family updates are always such a lovely read – well done to baby Wriggly who said her first word “Daddy” and I loved that Jumpy says “duddle” for cuddle – this is Sophie’s newest word and it sounds so adorable! I also loved Becoming a Stay at Home Mum’s post about her ordinary Sunday and Monkey saying “this cheese is significant” and “Darling… what are you doing?”. Children really do come out with some wonderful things, don’t they?

From the mouths of babes #11 - Little Hearts, Big Love

We were due to meet up with Grandma one afternoon the other week and when I picked up Jessica from preschool at lunchtime, I said we were going out and invited her to guess where we might be going.

“In the Night Garden?” she asked, hopefully (Daddy made the mistake of telling her that we’d booked tickets to see In the Night Garden Live which isn’t until June and now she keeps asking about it!) “Peppa Pig?”

Just goes to show how often we have to go to hospital for appointments given how high this was on Jessica’s list of potential places we might be going.

We had a similar situation at the beginning of the year when I took Jessica to the doctor’s surgery for her preschool booster jabs. She thought that our doctor’s surgery was a hospital – I had to explain that the doctor’s surgery is like a hospital but smaller and no-one stays there at night. I’m sure that it is much more normal to explain the hospital to children as being like the doctors but bigger and with beds rather than explaining it the other way around!

Jessica is also now becoming more aware of her scar. She knows that she has a “zip” and will point to it and say “my zip”. She also knows that Mummy, Daddy and Sophie do not have zips but that her friend K does. Now that she’s also at the “why?” stage, she has asked me why K has a zip and I’ve explained that it was because the doctors had to make her poorly heart better which lead to a few more questions about “why?” I’m not entirely sure that she really understood my answers though but those are questions that I am sure I will be having to answer again at some point in the future.


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Look forward to hearing what your little ones have been saying.

Little Hearts, Big Love
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20 thoughts on “From the mouths of babes #11

  1. Awww it is really cute that Jessica is excited about In the Night Garden Live, I hope you have a great time in June!
    It must be really difficult to have to explain things and not really be sure that they fully understand, my cousin is very proud of her zip, and how far she has come with everything.
    I am kinda of apprehensive about the ‘why’ stage wondering if I will have all the answers that Boo asks for?
    Thanks again for hosting Louise =)

    1. It is tricky at this age to try to explain the zip scar in very basic terms and I’m not sure Jessica really understands yet – so glad your cousin is proud of her zip and how far she has come.

  2. What a very brave little girl, she is lovely.
    I hope she has a blast at “In the night garden live” and I’m sure she will remind you every day until you go! (How many Sleeps Mommy?) lol 😉 x

    1. Thank you – she will love it, am sure we will have many, many reminders before we finally get to go! 🙂

  3. What a lovely conversation to share. I think it’s lovely that your daughter refers to her scar as a zip. The why stage is HARD right? You’re never sure how much they understand or quite how much detail to go into. I always over share and end up with a traumatised looking child *whoops*

    1. I love the term zip – it sounds much nicer and I guess it is odd to have to explain these things to a 3 year old but this is our normal x

  4. ‘zip’ is a very cute way of describing it. It sounds like Jessica is taking it all in her stride. The ‘Why’ phase is an interesting one – I’ve had to look things up before as my boys have asked such random questions! xx

    1. She does take it all in her stride – so far I can mostly cope with the ‘why’s but they do get challenging sometimes! x

  5. There speaks the voice of a heart child indeed! It’s good that she views it as such a normal part of life though – it took ages for either of our boys to not be frightened because their appointments were further and further apart every time (which is a good thing, just difficult to explain to a five year old!). I hope she has a great time at the night garden – I’m sure it will be worth the wait!

    1. Thanks Philippa – it is definitely normal as far as she knows which makes things a little easier.

  6. Bless her little soul. I remember feeling like this as a child, although not as young. I had a major stomach op at 5 and spent the next three years in and out of hospital… I’ve got a zip too 🙂

    1. Oh my, that does sound quite major – it does skew your perception somewhat doesn’t it?

    1. You’re welcome and yes, my heart baby does have a slightly different perspective on the world!

  7. Thanks for the mention my lovely! I have just linked my latest crafty post in which Crevette gives me instructions to make paper daffodils, bless him!
    The difference between hospital and surgery would most probably have to be explained the other way round to other children, but bless her for thinking of the Night Garden & Peppa Pig first, he he!
    Bless her with her zip. She is such a sweetie pie!

    1. Lol, yes I’m glad hospital wasn’t her first thought! Lovely to have you link up again 🙂

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