Friday Focus 30/07/21 – Three

We’ve had a little birthday boy this week with Thomas turning three on Monday. I can’t quite believe my baby boy is three already – it really doesn’t seem very long ago that he was a tiny baby. He had a lovely day and enjoyed opening all his presents. Sophie was a little frustrated over his leisurely pace though – she was keen to find out what all the presents were whereas Thomas wanted to stop and play with each new thing as he opened it!


The word 'three' with the first 'e' changed for a '3'


Thomas with his chocolate birthday cake


Sophie enjoyed her three days staying with Auntie Loraynne last weekend. They went to the beach a couple of times and she also had fun at the fair and in the arcades. She certainly had lots to tell me when she came home!


Sophie sitting on a wall with flowers behind her



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie with Auntie Loraynne ready for her sleepover; Sophie standing next to a fish sculpture eating a lolly; me with the other elders being ordained/inducted at church; Thomas on his third birthday; Sophie and Thomas holding a lizard; Sophie and Thomas on the sofa; Sophie with a piece of kitchen paper coloured with rainbow stripes with the ends placed in jars of water - "#365daysofgratitude 2021 - Week 30"


  • Day 204 – I am grateful for Sophie’s excitement at getting to have a sleepover at Auntie Loraynne’s house.


  • Day 205 – I am grateful for all the photos and videos of Sophie having fun with Auntie Loraynne and Uncle Pete. I’m missing my baby girl but I’m glad she’s having such a wonderful time.


  • Day 206 – I am grateful for the hard work, faith and dedication of all my fellow elders and all those who have helped to hold our church community together, find new ways to worship and explore our faith together and make them happen. I’m also very thankful for being able to have congregational singing again today at our elders’ ordination/induction service and chat over tea/coffee afterwards in person.



  • Day 208 – I am grateful that Sophie and Thomas enjoyed taking part in ‘Meet the Reptiles’ and getting to hold lots of different reptiles.


  • Day 209 – I am grateful for the way that Sophie makes Thomas giggle and how well they entertain each other when I need to focus on the to-do list.


  • Day 210 – I am grateful for fun trying to grow a rainbow with Sophie.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Sophie writing her list of summer activities that she’d like to do – and including some she’s already done so she could tick them off!


Sophie writing down her summer activities list


  • Enjoying an ice-cream and a walk around Langley Park.

Thomas eating a cherry ice-cream at Langley Park


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22 thoughts on “Friday Focus 30/07/21 – Three

  1. Oh my I remember you telling us you were expecting Thomas and that seems like only yesterday. Now your baby is three, and what a lovely little boy he is. I can imagine Jessica would have loved him so much. I’m glad he had a lovely birthday and that Sophie had a lovely time with her auntie.

    1. Thank you Anne. It doesn’t seem that long ago for me either. Jessica would have absolutely adored Thomas. I’m glad that she knew we were expecting him though even if she never knew him as Thomas x

  2. Happy birthday Thomas. How good was he about opening his presents? That is so sweet. I’m glad Sophie had fun at her sleepover. It sounds like she had a wonderful adventure. Good policy to have a few items to tick off her list. I was trying to read what else she had on there. I do love a summer list. #wotw

    1. Thanks Cheryl. The summer list includes pond dipping, go to a farm, roller skates, play games, visit a castle, paddling pool, teddy bears picnic and doing some baking. She’s got a good mix of simple activities and days out.

  3. Exactly, how is your baby boy 3 already. Time does fly. It sounds like he had a lovley birthday. My eldest used to get frustrated with my youngest when she was slow to open her presents too. hehehe
    It sounds like Sophie had a lovely time away with her Auntie. How lovely. It looks like you have had a good week. x

    1. It certainly has flown – I still can’t quite believe he’s three now. It was lovely to see him really appreciating all his presents though even if Sophie did get a bit impatient!

  4. Great that both kids had a fun week. It can be frustrating for others at the party waiting (im)patiently on the gifts to be opened, lol.
    Well done on Sophie for creating her summer bucket list. I always like the idea of giving them the chance to write their own list. It is more personal and fun then. Also, if you don’t get to do everything, you can tell her to add it to the top of next summer’s list.
    All the best for sunshine and fun next week too.

    1. Thank you. Sophie’s list looks fairly doable so hopefully we’ll manage to tick everything off over the summer.

  5. Happy birthday to Thomas! It seems that Sophie had a lovely time too, that’s is surely a memory she will cherish.

  6. I hope Thomas had a great third birthday. I can’t really remember Little E being a baby at all! Sophie sounds like Ethan. After not being able presents for years it now takes him seconds! It looks like Sophie had a lovely little break #WotW

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