Friday Focus 23/03/18 – Good news from the heart scan

We had the fetal cardiac scan this week to check Peanut’s heart. As you can imagine, I was quite anxious about this appointment, especially as hubby was away and I had to go alone. Thankfully, it was good news. Peanut’s heart looks like it has formed normally and his/her heart function looks normal too. It was also nice to see the fetal cardiologist again. She was a key part of Jessica’s care up until a couple of years ago so it was lovely to be able to update her with how Jessica is doing now.


The word heart with the "a" and "r" forming a heart shape

We also had the Little Hearts Matter open day last weekend. It’s always good to be able to meet up with other heart families. There were various sessions throughout the day about various aspects of managing family life with a heart child. I particularly enjoyed the two managing stress sessions (one general, one focusing on helping stressed children). The highlight of the day for me though was spotting a poster in the coffee area about the book I wrote to prepare Jessica for her heart surgery. It’s now received funding to be made available to other heart families. Hopefully they will find it as helpful as we did.


A poster about the "Jessica has a heart operation" book


We’ve ended the week with a poorly Jessica being off school with yet another bug. This winter has certainly been a tough one for her. I’m glad that the Easter holidays are not too far away. Hopefully having a couple of weeks off and perhaps some warmer weather will help boost her immunity. Her cardiologist has also increased the dose of Vitamin D she is on. Fingers crossed this will help too.


 Things I have loved this week:

  • The message inside the Easter card that Jessica made for me.


The Easter card that Jessica made for me with a picture and "I love Mummy" on the front and "Dear Mummy, you are the best Mummy ever, love Jessica" and "Happy Easter" inside


  • Making an igloo in the garden with Sophie.


Sophie standing next to her finished igloo with her Anna doll inside


  • Jessica moving up another reading level.


  • Receiving some lovely bath bombs in the post for the girls from The Soap Mine.


  • Going for a walk with Sophie and hunting for geocaches.


Sophie investigating the log from a geocache



The Reading Residence

12 thoughts on “Friday Focus 23/03/18 – Good news from the heart scan

  1. That’s wonderful news about the babies heart, I can imagine how anxious you were feeling. I think it’s so lovely that you wrote a book about Jessica’s experience. I’m sure it will help so many families. Sorry to hear Jessica has been poorly again, the weather can’t be helping at the moment. Sophie’s igloo looks brilliant ! x

  2. That is great news about Peanut and such a relief for you. Sorry to hear that Jessica’s been poorly again, hopefully the break will allow her some time to rest and build her immunity up again. How fab about your book, that is wonderful! Thanks for sharing with WotW x

    1. Thank you Jocelyn. It’s certainly been a tough half-term for her. Fingers crossed the Easter holidays will be just what she needs to build her back up again.

  3. Ahh! I am so glad everything went well at the scan. It must have been such a worry for you.
    That is fantastic news about the book….I am sure it will indeed help other families.
    I love the igloo. How fantastic.
    I hope Jessica feels better soon x

  4. Ah poor Jessica I bet its been so tough for her, I bet you will be relieved for warmer weather and less germs Well done Jessica on your reading, and love the Iglu Sophie xx

    1. Thanks Sarah, I’m hoping that she’ll pick up over the holidays, especially if we have some warmer weather x

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