An eggs-ellent selection of Easter eggs from Debenhams

If you’re looking for an eggs-ellent selection of Easter eggs for all the family, then it’s worth checking out the range in-store or online at Debenhams. There are giant eggs for the chocoholics in the family, character-themed Easter egg gift sets for children and luxury eggs for treating someone special. We were recently invited to try out some of the Easter eggs available at Debenhams. These are our thoughts on our Easter egg selection from the in-store range:


Eight Easter eggs from the range available in-store at Debenhams - "An eggs-ellent selection of Easter eggs from Debenhams"



Thorntons Classic Mint Collection egg

The chocolate on this egg was lovely and thick – so thick that it took a bit of effort to crack into the egg! We loved the crispy mint pieces in the dark chocolate of the egg. The egg also came with a delicious selection of 7 mint chocolates, including a peppermint crème and a mint baton.


The Thorntons Classic Mint Chocolate Egg


Cadburys Creme Egg giant Easter egg

I love eating Creme Eggs in the run-up to Easter – although have yet to come across one of the white chocolate ones! This giant Easter egg comes with a box of 5 Creme Eggs. The giant egg is made from Cadburys dairy milk chocolate and is another lovely, thick chocolate egg which took a bit of effort to crack into. One plus point for me with this egg was the lack of plastic packaging – it was all just cardboard and foil.


The Cadburys Creme Egg giant Easter Egg



M&M’s large Easter egg

The M&M’s egg came with three packets of peanut M&M’s – my favourite! The milk chocolate of the hollow egg was smooth and velvety, and the two halves of the egg came apart easily – perfect if you want to share it (or keep half to eat yourself later on!)


The M&Ms large Easter egg



Galaxy Golden Eggs medium egg

This egg split apart into two halves very easily. The chocolate egg was a smooth milk chocolate egg and came with a packet of mini golden eggs. These were made of milk chocolate with crunchy caramel pieces covered in a gold covered coating. The gold coating confused me slightly at first. I thought the eggs were wrapped and tried to unwrap them before realising that it was just the edible outer coating!


The Galaxy Golden Eggs medium Easter Egg



Thorntons Milk Chocolate Cupcake Egg

My girls loved the white chocolate cupcake with its pink icing on the front of this egg. There are no extras with this egg – just the milk chocolate egg itself. The chocolate itself was reasonably thick and was delicious.


The Thorntons Chocolate Cupcake Egg



Thorntons Milk Chocolate Butterfly Egg

This one was a hit with my girls who both loved the white chocolate butterfly on the front of the egg, with its dark chocolate and pink icing decorations. The egg also had pretty flowers stamped into the milk chocolate.


The Thorntons Milk Chocolate Butterfly Egg



Peppa Pig Easter Gift Set

I’m a big fan of Easter gift sets. It’s nice to have something to keep once the chocolate egg is eaten. Sophie particularly loved the brightly coloured melamine bowl and beaker with Peppa and George pictured on it. The egg itself is a fairly small milk chocolate egg. The chocolate wasn’t quite as thick as with the other eggs we tried but the girls enjoyed it.


The Peppa Pig Easter gift set



Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt pack

This little pack is perfect for setting up an Easter egg hunt around the garden. There are ten small hollow chocolate eggs in the pack plus a small packet of mini eggs. The eggs have different coloured details on the wrapping – pink eggs, purple bunnies, blue butterflies, green flowers and yellow chicks. This is useful if you are encouraging children to look for specific colours to try and keep egg hunts fair. The eggs divided nicely into two colour groups for a hunt with my two children, although I would suggest buying additional packs if you were doing an egg hunt with more children. The box also has cut out clues that can be used to help with creating an Easter egg hunt.


The Cadburys Easter Egg Hunt Pack


The eggs we tried ranged in price, with the Thorntons Classic Mint Chocolate Egg and the Cadburys Creme Egg Giant Egg having a RRP of £14, down to the Thorntons Cupcake and Butterfly eggs which cost £3. Many of the eggs were on special offer though and available for half the recommended retail price. The Thorntons Classic Mint Chocolate Egg was the favourite for me and hubby. Jessica loved the Thorntons Butterfly egg and Sophie’s favourites were the small chocolate eggs in the Cadburys Easter Egg Hunt pack.


I received a gift card from Debenhams to purchase Easter eggs for purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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  1. I was in the store last week and have to admit there was a fantastic selection of Easter Eggs. I found them a bit pricey though, especially when there are special offers on elsewhere at the moment. Sim x

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