Friday Focus 20/08/21 – Overstretched

I’m feeling a little overstretched this week. It’s just been one of those weeks where there have been a few too many balls to juggle. A week where I’ve had a few too many late nights trying to catch up on tasks that need doing and a few too many frustrating moments where brief windows of opportunity to do said tasks end up being repeatedly interrupted. A week of trying to make sure I’m getting enough quality time in with the children and working out what balls can be dropped to make that happen. Trying to get the right balance of things I need to do, what my children need from me, and things I want to do. Some weeks are just a bit crazy like that. Hopefully next week will be a little less hectic.

The word 'overstretched' written as a stretched out word



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


A mosaic coaster in front of the wooden sculpture of Jessica on my piano; Thomas at the church picnic; Thomas eating a donut at the Halo play cafe; the inside of my piano; Sophie with her friend on the roundabout at the park; a large Caramilk bar and two Caramilk Twirl bars; Sophie hugging the wooden sculpture of Jessica at Jessica's forever bed with Thomas looking at the words on the memorial - "#365daysofgratitude 2021 - Week 33"



  • Day 226 – I am grateful for perfect weather for a church picnic.


  • Day 227 – I am grateful for haircuts for Thomas and Daddy followed by lunch at the HALO play café.


  • Day 228 – I am grateful that my piano has been tuned.


  • Day 229 – I am grateful for friends where no matter how long it’s been since you last saw each other, it’s always as easy and comfortable being in each other’s company as if you only saw each other yesterday. Admittedly it took the children a few more minutes to find their feet with each other again but was lovely to see them all having fun together.


  • Day 230 – I am grateful for chocolate.


  • Day 231 – I am grateful for sibling love.



Other things that have made me smile over the last week:

  • Sophie getting her amber swimming cap and moving up to the next class in swimming.


Sophie holding her amber swimming cap outside the outdoor pool


  • Revisiting memories of doing The Sound of Music and catching up with some of the other cast members during an am-dram virtual pizza night.


Sophie playing Gretl with Captain von Trapp and Maria in The Sound of Music
Sophie playing Gretl in The Sound of Music (photo credit: Michael Gee)


  • Sophie bringing her doll along in Jessica’s dolls pram when we visited Jessica’s forever bed.

Sophie with Jessica's doll's pram and Thomas at Jessica's forever bed


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20 thoughts on “Friday Focus 20/08/21 – Overstretched

  1. It’s so hard sometimes when you have to stretch and balance and life can be stressful. I hope you have a more peaceful weekend, and maybe an early night will do you good. You have some lovely memories to share this week. x

    1. Thanks Anne, I’m hoping that it will ease off a little next week and I can find a better balance!

  2. It sounds like you have been busy. I hope things calm down over the weekend and next week is a bit calmer.
    Lovely photos.
    Well done Sophie with her swimming. x

  3. Some weeks are harder than others. I’ve been feeling the same this week with all the preparations that I need to sort. Every task is interrupted by someone and I get nothing finished. Hopefully you’ll have a calmer weekend. Nice to meet up with old friends and the coaster is really eye catching. Well done Sophie . She does look pleased with her new cap. The pool behind her looks very tempting. #wotw

    1. It’s hard when you get interrupted doing things and aren’t able to finish them. I’ve definitely struggled with that this week. Next week should hopefully be a quieter one though. The outdoor pool does look tempting – I’ve only tried it once and it was the coldest pool I’d ever been in but it’s now heated so I might give it another try at some point!

  4. Well done Sophie with the swimming and I love her crocs, I have purple ones. That looks such a happy visit to see Jessica. No wonder you’re feeling over stretched, I remember the holidays being so long. Have you had time to play your piano now it’s tuned?

    1. Sophie wanted purple crocs but they didn’t have her size so we went for the yellow ones instead. I’ve played the piano a few times since it was tuned – it sounds so much better for it!

  5. I totally understand you were feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the tasks that needed completion. Here’s hoping you managed to find some time to unwind over the weekend. Congrats to Sophie for making it to the next level in swimming!

  6. Well done to Sophie for her swimming. Looks like a nice pool there. I do miss N being at swimming lessons. Hope things calm down with you soon.

  7. Well done Sophie on moving up a swimming class. I am finding juggling everything a bit overwhelming too, there are just not enough hours in the day

    1. Thank you Mary. It is hard to get the balance. I’m glad we’ve managed to have fun though.

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