Friday Focus 25/10/19 – Show time!

It’s show week for The Sound of Music this week and Sophie and I are thoroughly enjoying it. It is so lovely to be performing again and to be doing it with Sophie is just magical. I am so proud of her – she is absolutely stealing the show as Gretl and the feedback I have had from the audience so far about her performance makes me so happy. She is a little superstar, bless her, and is loving being in the show.


The word 'show' drawn on a theatre background


Sophie is coping well so far too with the late nights especially as we’re not on half-term this week unlike some of the other children in the cast. We’re lucky that we live very close to her school. I can manage to get her dressed, fed and at her classroom door in 15 minutes so have been able to let her sleep until 8.30am which helps.


It’s also been brilliant having my mum stay with us this week to help out with Thomas so Sophie and I can do the show. She and Grandma have been alternating the evening performances this week so they can both get to see the show too. Hubby has been away part of the week and is off again for a couple of weeks today. Thankfully he did get to see Sophie and me on opening night and was proud of us both. So glad he didn’t miss seeing Sophie do this.


Sophie standing in front of the stage with one of the goats from the Lonely Goatherd scene


I wasn’t quite prepared for the onslaught of emotion at the end of opening night though. I knew grief would hit me hard at some point but I thought it would be on the last night. Jessica would have been so very proud of her little sister and very excited to see Sophie and Mummy performing on the stage. I don’t think she would have been in the show had she still been with us – she’d certainly have struggled with it energy-wise – but she would have enjoyed watching it. There are a couple of little things in the show that are connected to Jessica – the white Bible I hand Maria in the wedding scene was a christening gift for Jessica and Sophie is wearing Jessica’s winter hat in the last scene. I like the fact that she is a part of it too in a small way.


Things that have made me smile this week

  • Watching Thomas exploring Nanny’s house.


  • Getting to spend time with both Grandads on their birthday. My dad and my father-in-law have the same birthday. I left some flowers at the churchyard where my dad’s ashes are interred and wished him a happy birthday there and then we visited my father-in-law in the evening.


Sophie and Thomas with Grandma, Grandad and Nanny


  • Going out for a meal with some of the other cast members after the band call.


  • The way Thomas looks at the sculpture of Jessica on her memorial.


Thomas looking at the sculpture of Jessica on the memorial at her forever bed


  • Sophie and I receiving a card and a little bouquet of flowers each from one of her Girls’ Brigade leaders. So thoughtful and kind.


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10 thoughts on “Friday Focus 25/10/19 – Show time!

  1. I’m so glad you’re enjoy showtime Louise! I can imagine it feels like a lot to do on top of daily life so it’s nice to see you both having a wonderful time! That photo of Thomas with Jessica’s sculpture is incredibly sweet #wotw

  2. I’m so glad the show is going well, it sounds like Sophie is a little star in the making. Lovely that Jessica is remembered in the show too, it must be so emotional for you.

  3. So happy that the show went so well, you have a little star on your hands there! It’s lovely that you managed to incorporate Jessica into the show too, how lovely. It sounds like an exciting (but tiring) week. I love the photo of Thomas with Jessica, oh she would have adored him I’m sure. x

  4. How exciting that show week is finally here! Congratulations to you and Sophie, your little thespian! What a wonderful memory you two are building together. And I bet your mom loves helping out with the little one. So happy for you, Louise!

  5. Ahh! I am so glad the show is going well and you and Sophie are enjoying it. It must be such a help to have your mum staying, helping out.
    I am glad Jessica is part of the show with the bible and hat. I am sure she would have been so proud of you and her sister performing. x

  6. Louise,

    There’s no business like show business! Glad to see you back in the performing groove. Sophie the scene-stealer — well, who would have thought it? ;o) Jessica would surely have been proud of her.
    From bedroom to classroom in fifteen minutes is impressive even if you live on the doorstep!

  7. So wonderful. The show sounds like it is going well. Hope you have something nice planned for when it finishes, to cope with the anti-climax. Thomas must be enjoying all the attention from his grandparents. What a coincidence that your father and father in law share a birthday. I do love the photo of Thomas with Jessica’s sculpture. Just beautiful. #wotw

  8. Showtime! So good to hear the show is going so well, and Sophie is such a hit … and having your family around too is great. Well done to you all! #WotW

  9. Very well done to Sophie! I know exactly how proud you must feel of her, having watched my own daughter in several shows. It’s great that she is coping with the late nights and can have a bit of a lie-in before school. How lovely to spend time with the grandparents, and that photo of Thomas with Jessica’s sculpture is adorable. x

  10. Aww bless her! well done to both of you, the West End awaits 😀 having family round is always lovely. The photo of Thomas is precious xx

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