An afternoon on the beach at Baby Bay

A beach trip is a rare event for us as we’re at least 90 minutes’ drive from the nearest one. We made sure we got a beach trip in though during our recent holiday in Cornwall. Baby Bay (or Pentireglaze Haven as it’s officially known) was recommended to me by a friend who lives in the area. It’s a little sandy inlet which is separated from the main beach at Polzeath at high tide.


Sophie paddling in the sea – “An afternoon on the beach at Baby Bay”


We originally planned to park at New Polzeath and walk across the coast path to Baby Bay. However, the car park was very busy and we were unable to find anywhere to park in New Polzeath. Instead, we parked at the Lead Mines National Trust car park at Pentire. The footpath to Pentireglaze Haven was clearly signposted. It was about a 15-minute walk down to the beach. I wasn’t sure how steep the path might be so had Thomas in the toddler carrier on my back. I think he would have coped with the walk though.


Thomas riding on my back in the toddler carrier


A view of Baby Bay looking from the sea


The beach itself was quieter than the main beach at Polzeath. It felt quite peaceful and secluded with the tide coming in. Sophie was soon enjoying splashing about in the sea while Thomas was happy to stay on the beach and play in the sand with Daddy.


Sophie sitting in shallow water on the beach and splashing as the waves lap around her


At the moment his favourite thing is spelling out words with his wooden letters so he was very happy when Sophie returned and started writing words for him in the sand.


Thomas watching as Sophie writes in the sand at Baby Bay beach


The children both enjoyed playing in the sand, looking for shells and pretty coloured pebbles, and making sandcastles together. Thomas wasn’t too sure about having his legs buried in the sand but Sophie enjoyed her transformation into a mermaid.


Thomas on the beach with his legs being buried in the sand by Daddy


Sophie sitting on the beach with sand shaped like a mermaid’s tail decorated with shells covering her legs


Sophie and I also had fun climbing over the rocks and looking for rock pools.


Sophie standing on the rocks at Baby Bay holding a net and looking out to sea


It was lovely just to spend a few hours enjoying a peaceful afternoon at the beach. We talked about how much Jessica would have enjoyed it and Sophie drew a big picture of her sister in the sand behind us. She was quite sad though at having to say goodbye to Jessica when it was time to go. I reminded her that we weren’t leaving Jessica behind on the beach though; that we carry Jessica with us wherever we go. And as bittersweet as days out like this always are, I’m always so very glad that Jessica is still very much a part of them.


Sophie and Thomas standing together on the beach with ‘Jessica’ written in the sand in front of them


Sophie’s drawing of Jessica in the sand at Baby Bay beach


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4 thoughts on “An afternoon on the beach at Baby Bay

  1. What a lovely little beach. I loved our holiday in Cornwall a couple of years ago, there is so much to explore I’m sure we’ll go back sometime. I love the picture of Jessica in the sand x

  2. What a beautiful beach – I love the picture of Sophie as a mermaid. It’s lovely that she drew a picture of Jessica so that she was included in your day too.


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