Friday Focus 14/06/2024 – New

We’ve been learning some new skills this week. Last week, the Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade organised a circus skills workshop at church which parents could also join in with. Sophie managed to pedal a very short distance on the unicycle, Thomas had fun lining up juggling balls on the window-ledge and trying out a pedal board, my husband tried out the flower sticks and I had a go on the stilts and learned to juggle.


The word 'new' in gold bubble writing


I had a lovely surprise mid-week when my husband sent me some “new” photos of Jessica that he’d found on his old iPod touch. “New” photos are such a rare and precious gift. It made me smile to look at them and remember the moments that were captured.


Me, Jessica and my husband pulling silly faces


I also got a new laptop this week. My old laptop is thirteen years old and was very slow and low on space. I’d been keeping it going as long as I could because it has stickers on the lid that Jessica put there which always make me smile when I use it. It really was time to get a new one though and the new one is much quicker and better for work! I think we can probably keep the old one going a little longer though – once I’ve cleared the files from it, Sophie is going to have it for her school work.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Pink peonies and lilies in a vase; Sophie and her musical theatre duet partner; Sophie on a unicycle; Jessica as a toddler cuddled up with baby Sophie in a cot; my back garden; a robin on the playhouse in the garden; my laptop on the garden table - "#366daysofgratitude 2024 - Week 24"



  • Day 159 – I am grateful that peony season is here.


  • Day 160 – I am grateful for dance friends.


  • Day 161 – I am grateful for a fun afternoon learning some circus skills.


  • Day 162 – I am grateful for some “new” photos of Jessica that my husband found on his old iPod touch. Love this photo of my beautiful girlies when they were teeny tiny and the happy memories it brought back.


  • Day 163 – I am grateful for light evenings sitting out in the garden.


  • Day 164 – I am grateful for robins.


  • Day 165 – I am grateful for a new laptop.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Sophie snuggling up with Susie, my childhood rag doll. She was my favourite childhood toy and looks a bit battered as a result of being so loved. It was lovely to see Sophie cuddling up with her.


Sophie cuddling my childhood rag doll


  • Seeing a peacock wandering around outside the venue for Sophie’s dance festival.


A peacock walking in front of a building


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6 thoughts on “Friday Focus 14/06/2024 – New

  1. How lovely to find some old photos and memories. My old ragdoll my grandma made me is floating around N’s bedroom somewhere. It’s nice to have old toys still loved. The circus skills sounds lots of fun.

  2. The circus skills workshop sounds like fantastic fun!
    How wonderful to have some new photos of Jessica. It must have been such a lovely surprise.
    13 years was good going for your old laptop. Good idea about keeping it for Sophie. x

  3. A new laptop makes so much difference. I replaced mine but use my old one at work. It’s soooo slow!!
    How lovely to find new photos of Jessica and learn some circus skills

  4. That sounds like a fun week! Learning circus skills sounds really cool. Finding some new photos of Jessica is lovely. 13 years is good going for a laptop!

  5. It’s always lovely to have things new. I remember my kids doing a circus workshop and having lots of fun. The photos are a delight, I love looking at old photos but the ones of Jessica must be so special. Good luck with your new laptop, it’s always nice to get new tech even though they can get some getting used to.

  6. How lovely to discover some new photos of Jessica, what a find. Shame about the laptop, but at least Sophie can keep it going a little bit longer. The circus skills sounds a lot of fun.

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