Friday Focus 21/06/2024 – Outside

I’ve been making the most of the beautiful weather this week, enjoying lots of time outside. One of the nice things about working from home is being able to sit outside in the garden with my laptop and work outdoors. It’s definitely been a good week for getting outdoor hours in for this year’s #1000hoursoutside challenge! Plus being able to get lots of washing outside has meant that my laundry mountain has shrunk considerably over the last week!


The word 'outside' in brown bubble writing surrounded by doodles of grass, flowers and butterflies



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Pink peonies in the wooden vase at Jessica's forever bed; Sophie wearing a flowery dress holding a pose in her musical theatre solo; me and my dad just before my 30th birthday party; a view looking over fields towards a hotel; colourful print dresses on a washing line; poppies and cornflowers; Thomas playing with his number rocks in his tuff tray in the garden - "#366daysofgratitude 2024 - Week 25"


  • Day 166 – I am grateful for some quiet time with Jessica.


  • Day 167 – I am grateful for another set of beautiful photos from Sophie’s most recent dance festival.


  • Day 168 – I am grateful for the beautiful memories I have of my lovely dad.


  • Day 169 – I am grateful for a beautiful sunny morning for this week’s Monday morning walk plus the added bonus of being the first one this year where there were no muddy patches!


  • Day 170 – I am grateful for getting lots of washing out on the line.


  • Day 171 – I am grateful for wildflowers and bees.


  • Day 172 – I am grateful for a chilled out evening in the garden.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Passing the 400 hours milestone for #1000hoursoutside.


A 400 hours milestone badge for 1000 hours outside showing a picture in red, orange and yellow tones of a desert with cacti in the foreground and mountains in the background


  • Sophie doing her swimming lesson wearing pyjamas over her swimming costume to help learn some swimming survival skills.


  • Thomas’s timetable that he wrote and put up on the fridge. The times are a bit out (school definitely doesn’t start at 10:30am and bedtime is way before 10:13pm!) but I love that pudding has it’s own entry! I’m quite impressed by his neat handwriting too.


Thomas’s timetable. The text reads “Tomorow. Thomas wake up. Wake up 8:58am, Brefast 10:00am, Scool 10:30am, Dinner 8:30pm, Pudding 9:00pm, Bed 10:13pm”


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8 thoughts on “Friday Focus 21/06/2024 – Outside

  1. I enjoy the prospect of working outside too. I can do it at certain points, though, as I have to be on the phone and wouldn’t want my neighbours to hear confidential information. The conservatory has served us well though. Well done on getting the laundry pile lower, lol. We need to get a line put up. Since putting the shed up, we’ve lost one of the washing line poles.

  2. I love the optimism of the timetable – and of course pudding should have its own slot!

  3. It has been nice to get outside this week and get washing out on the line.
    The photo from Sophie’s dance festival is gorgeous and I love your dresses on the line. So colourful!
    hahaha! Thomas’s timetable did make me chuckle, he has his priorities right making time for pudding. x

  4. It’s nice to get outside. Something I really don’t do enough of and I miss greatly. I love Thomas’ timetable, although dinner and pudding are a little late for me 🙂

  5. It definitely is so good to be able to get outside…and get the washing dry outdoors!

    Love the photo of Sophie at the festival!

  6. I need to get another table and chairs for outdoors so I can work outside sometimes, but never get round to it. Lovely photos this week, and loving Thomas’ timetable. Very cute.

  7. I just love the 10:13 bedtime in the timetable, it’s so random, but I image Thomas thought about it. How cute!

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