Friday Focus 28/06/2024 – Summer

We’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather this week and making the most of the long summer evenings, spending time out in the garden, enjoying trips to the park and having our first barbecue of the year. It’s been a nice quiet week activity-wise this week as Sophie’s dance school has a week’s break from lessons so that’s given us more time to just get outside and relax too.


The word 'summer' in yellow bubble writing with a doodle of a sun above the word


Thomas had his first ever sports day yesterday (he was unwell for his preschool sports day and sports day got cancelled last year at school). He did join in and seemed to enjoy some of the events, but I think overall found it quite overwhelming. I was quite glad that he got to finish school early and have some quiet time at home before Sophie’s school pick-up. Sophie’s school have been selling ice-cream outside school this week so getting to have a treat at pick-up helped too!



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie's new snack pouch; Sophie and her dance friends with their 4th place medals; Sophie and Thomas playing swingball in the garden; Thomas reading a chapter book; a safety information card for giving blood on a table next to a KitKat wrapper and a beaker of orange squash; Sophie carrying Thomas on the school run; Thomas taking part in the sack race on sports day - "#366daysofgratitude 2024 - Week 26"


  • Day 173 – I am grateful for Sophie’s fab new snack pouch.


  • Day 174 – I am grateful for 4th place medals for Sophie and her friends in their musical theatre trio.


  • Day 175 – I am grateful for swingball.


  • Day 176 – I am grateful for sitting out in the garden while listening to Thomas read.


  • Day 177 – I am grateful for being able to give blood.


  • Day 178 – I am grateful for adorable sibling moments on the school run.


  • Day 179 – I am grateful that it was a bit cooler today for Thomas’s sports day.




Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • An evening trip to the park with Thomas while waiting for Sophie to finish at Girls’ Brigade.


Thomas playing on a snakes and ladders board painted on the ground at the park


  • Watching Sophie and Thomas enjoying the water play area at the park.


  • Sophie having an after-school play date with a friend.


  • Toasting marshmallows over the barbecue.


  • Sophie pushing Thomas around the garden in his toy wheelbarrow.


Sophie pushing Thomas around the garden in a toy wheelbarrow


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7 thoughts on “Friday Focus 28/06/2024 – Summer

  1. We are also enjoying the Summer weather although today hasn’t been as hot as the previous 2 or 3 days. Thomas will cope better with sports day next year hopefully. We really felt for a BBQ too but thought it was way too hot for that. Hope you all had a good family time and nice food too.

  2. Summer is lovely when you can get out and about and enjoy it. I love hear the kids in the neighbourhood enjoying the gardens and we’ve been inundated with the smell of BBQs. I miss my kids being young but I guess we all have to grow up sometime. I guess it’s nice to have a little break from the dancing lessons. I’m glad Thomas was able to join in with his sports day.

  3. The weather has been lovely and the lighter nights are just wonderful.
    Aww! Sports day is a lot for little one’s. It sounds like Thomas did well though and what fun for Sophie’s school to be selling ice cream at pick up!
    It sounds like you have had a really nice week. x

  4. Ahh sports day… never a favourite of Madam’s , it still isn’t. Love the idea of the school selling ice cream! Well done to Sophie for her medal. You had the same word as me 😀 the weather has been lovely.

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