Friday Focus 13/04/18 – A worrying couple of weeks

The last couple of weeks have been quite a worrying time for us with Jessica’s health. She’s been unwell on and off since going back to school. We were hoping that having a break over the Easter holidays would help her start to pick up again. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case. She’s had moments of being brighter and having a little more energy, but they’ve been interspersed with moments when she’s just been unwell and exhausted.


"Worrying" - this week's word of the week


We took things fairly easy for our week away on the Isle of Wight. Staying in a cottage made it easier to allow Jessica to rest. She was fairly happy getting out and about for a while, as long as she was in her buggy. We were quite concerned though about her continued lack of energy, and the nasty cough that she was still struggling with. We had a chat with the cardiac nurses in Southampton and as a result, her cardiac check-up was moved forward from June to the end of this month.


Jessica and Sophie were both very excited about having Auntie Fizz and cousins Ebony and Erin come to stay this week. We’d planned a day out at Chessington. Jessica seemed to enjoy it, although she spent most of the time in her buggy and only managed a couple of rides. As we were heading home though, she had a prolonged coughing fit which left her struggling to breathe in the back of the car. We headed straight to the nearest A&E at St Peter’s in Chertsey, just a few minutes away. They were absolutely brilliant. Within three minutes of our arrival, Jessica was in a room surrounded by doctors and nurses, being put on oxygen and given salbutamol inhalers and various other meds to help ease the tightness in her chest so she could breathe more easily. Thankfully, she was stabilised quite quickly but it was the scariest time I’ve ever had with her outside of the post-surgery rollercoaster ride in PICU.


She spent a couple of days in high dependency on the children’s ward being treated for viral-induced wheeze and a chest infection. We came home yesterday evening with a big bag of meds. I’m used to the routine of giving regular meds but I’ve had to write down a meds schedule and put it on the fridge to keep track of all the ones she needs to have over the next few days! She’s still got a nasty cough but hopefully all the meds will help her finally start getting well again.



Things I have loved over the Easter holidays:

  • Watching Sophie build a sandcastle at Alum Bay.


Sophie building a sandcastle at Alum Bay


  • A trip on the Isle of Wight steam railway.


Sophie, hubby and Jessica in one of the third class carriages on the Isle of Wight steam railway


  • Hunting for geocaches.


  • Visiting Godshill model village.


Hubby, Jessica and Sophie at Godshill Model Village


  • Playing board games in the evenings at our holiday cottage.


  • A day out at Blackgang Chine and the weather being warm enough to be able to shed coats for a while.


Hubby, Sophie and Jessica at Blackgang Chine


  • Hubby being able to feel Peanut moving for the first time.


  • Watching Jessica and Sophie have fun making their own mosaics at Brading Roman Villa.


Sophie making a mosaic tile at Brading Roman Villa



  • Spending time with my twin sister and nieces.


The Reading Residence

12 thoughts on “Friday Focus 13/04/18 – A worrying couple of weeks

  1. Aww! Poor Jessica. It sounds like she is really going through it at the moment….I hope she feels better soon.
    It looks like you have had a lovely week though apart from the hospital stay….Lovely photos x

  2. Poor Jessica, I did spot this on Instagram and have been thinking of her. Glad she seems to be improving now, and that she did still manage to have fun over the holidays. I hope she’s on the up now x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. Oh Louise what a worrying time for you all. Poor Jessica, she really is a little trooper isn’t she. I hope she’s feeling much better soon, it’s good news her appointment has been brought forward. xx

  4. oh no poor Jessica and how worrying for you. I really hope the medication makes her well again. I’m glad you managed to have some fun time together though x

  5. Devastated to hear your news, Fiona just told me. You’ve made so many lovely memories with your warrior angel. Sending love and prayers to you and all the family. xx

  6. Louise I dont feel I can not comment, I am so sorry for your loss, Jessica was a ray of light her bravery was inspirational as is your families strength I am sending you all my love , prayers and strength on this heartbreaking day, you beautiful little girl fought to hard and left a wonderful legacy x

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