Friday Focus 10/03/17 – There were four in the bed…

This week has left me feeling quite tired. We’re used to the girls climbing into our bed during the night and co-sleeping. On the whole, we usually sleep reasonably well but Jessica and Sophie have both been a little under the weather which has made them both fidget.

Fidget - this week's word of the week

Sophie had her preschool boosters this week and has mostly been fine but was a bit restless the night after. Jessica has had a temperature and a cold. Thankfully we had a check-up with the paediatrician booked in mid-week so managed to get her thoroughly checked over (we ended up in hospital this time last year with similar symptoms) and she now seems to be on the mend. I had to pop into school one afternoon to give her Calpol but she was determined to stay for the rest of the day which was a reassuring sign!


Co-sleeping has also been a little less comfortable because it’s no longer just the girls who join us in the bed. Sophie has started bringing along a whole army of toys to snuggle. Needless to say, as soon as she is fast asleep, most of them get booted out of the bed!

A drawing of me, hubby and the girls asleep in bed with an army of toys joining us too

Fingers crossed that we all start sleeping a little better again soon!


Things I have loved this week:

  • ​​​Getting to practise my French when the French market was in town over the weekend. It came in useful too when another customer had a question which the French lady on the stall couldn’t quite understand. My French isn’t that great but it was quite a satisfying feeling to be able to translate the question and answer! The best bit though was coming home with lots of yummy bread, cheese and saucisson.

Bread, cheese and saucisson from the French market

  • Seeing the daffodils appearing in the garden and my new Sophy’s Rose thriving. The one I planted a couple of years ago never really managed to grow so it’s good to see the new one is doing well.

My Sophy's Rose thriving in the garden

  • Finally having the mobile library back again – it has been off the road since August. Thankfully all the fines on the books were waived!
  • Getting another great report from Jessica’s teacher at parents’ evening – she’s doing well with her reading, writing and maths and is friendly and helpful – what more could I ask for?
  • Being able to shed our coats and enjoy some warm spring sunshine.
  • Jessica’s drawing of her “best toy” Kerry – she copied it from my drawing of Kerry and I loved watching her looking at all the little details and trying to include them.

Jessica's drawing of her toy fairy doll Kerry

The Reading Residence

22 thoughts on “Friday Focus 10/03/17 – There were four in the bed…

  1. Ah sounds like the girls have been busy. Hope they less fidgety soon. I would be so rubbish with both mine in the bed…bet you just get used to it though!! The weather has been so much warmer and we have some daffs in the garden 🙂 Lovely xx #wotw

    1. Thanks Sarah – you do get used to it but they’ve certainly been more fidgety than normal! So lovely to have daffs in the garden, isn’t it? 🙂

  2. Oh dear, my two are always fidget hence there’s no co-sleeping here! I hope both of them are brighter soon and I do love the drawing of you all with the toys, too! Well done to Jessica, what a lovely parents evening report and that picture is brilliant! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  3. Louise,

    It’s good to hear that Jessica seems to be on the mend, and is doing so well at school. One of the drawbacks of co-sleeping might be to do with the light summer mornings, when small children are awake well before 05:00, and want to play with all those toys you’ve evicted from the bed!

    1. The light summer mornings can be quite challenging! I find putting a blackout blind helps a little with encouraging the girls to sleep a little later 🙂

  4. Oh dear. I hope everyone feels better soon. What a little trooper Jessica is staying in school after her Calpol. I hope you get some proper sleep soon.
    That french food looks fantastic.

    1. Thanks Kim. It’s been a little better so far this week although still a bit restless sleep-wise. Fingers crossed for some unbroken sleep at some point! 🙂

  5. They do grow out of it. Eventually. Hope you catch up on your sleep soon. I love your cartoon. It did make me smile and Jessica’s drawing too. She sounds like she is doing well at school. How lovely to go to a french market and the mobile library. #wotw

    1. Thank you Cheryl. Doodling scenes that I’m frustrated about always makes me feel better. We’re slowly getting there on the sleep front!

  6. Oh I do hope you manage to start getting some more sleep soon! The produce from the French market looks fab, that has reminded me to look up when our local Italian market is, we always love going there to buy some pasta and herbs.

    1. Thank you Carol – I had fun drawing it! Sleep has been a little better so far this week.

  7. I am so glad they are both on the mend its so hard when little ones are poorly, and I imagine you worry a little more when Jessica is ill, as I am exactly the same with Jack. Hope you get better nights sleeps this week xx

    1. Thank you Sarah – it is always an extra worry with Jessica. Thankfully she seems better this week! 🙂

  8. Haha! Bringing in an army of toys sounds very familiar. Little Mister does this, too! Makes the bed very warm and very busy! But I hope both girls are feeling better & you’re all getting a little more sleep.
    To be honest, you can’t ask for a better school report right now – kind, helpful and doing well. Bet you feel proud.
    It is good to see Spring appearing but the Daffs in our garden haven’t done well this year. We have lots of tulip leaves so I think our spring flowers will be in full bloom slightly later this year!

    1. Thanks Tracey. The girls are much better this week although sleep could be better! Jessica’s school report did make me very proud. What a shame your daffs haven’t done well but the tulips will hopefully be something to look forward to x

  9. I think I recognise some of those colourful toys and they aren’t all soft and cuddly all over are they?!

    Je pense que c’est fantastique tu parle francais aussi. Bravo x #WotW

    1. I thought someone would recognise the toys! No, not soft and cuddly all over at all – and the hard bits are usually right where I’m trying to be!

      Merci pour ta réponse! 🙂

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