#withkindnessandlove 9 – stories of kindness and sharing some blog love

#withkindnessandlove is a weekly series which is part of my #365daysofkindness project which I am taking on during this year. Each week, I will be sharing some stories of kindness along with some things that have made me smile during the week.  Some weeks I might share a quote that has inspired me, or some suggestions for small acts of kindness that I have come across. Here are this week’s little moments of kindness and little things I have loved.


Little moments of kindness

The other week, I had lunch with Sophie in our local Debenhams café. Sophie likes to sit at one of the tables near the counter while I pay for our lunch which I don’t mind as it’s easy to keep an eye on her until I come and join her. It was fairly quiet this particular lunchtime and one of the ladies working in the café went over to Sophie and kept her entertained while I was paying for our lunch. She brought over paper, crayons and stickers, chatted to her and made her smile. That particular Debenhams café is always a very welcoming one but was a little more so on this occasion.


Three bunches of flowers - #withkindnessandlove 9 - stories of kindness and sharing some blog love

“January was a tough month as Mr A was away and both little N and I were really unwell. We don’t live close enough to family to pop in and help and after one particular rubbish day snuggled on the sofa together, not being able to put little N down without him screaming, but desperately needing to figure out how to get the energy together to organise dinner, before bed and bath-time routine. I checked the messages on my phone and one said ‘dinner for little N outside, didn’t want to knock as you might be sleeping.’ At that moment I’d never felt so relieved, so grateful for my ‘mummy friends’ and when I opened the front door and found baby mush ready to heat up I burst into tears. She then came back again later in the evening with Calpol and Neurofen so I didn’t have to worry about finding the energy to go out if I was running low.” (Hannah – The Amphletts)


“When my son was little, we were heading out on the bus on a long journey to my Mums house that involved 3 buses. Just after we went past the stop before I needed to get off the 2nd bus, we hit traffic. My son was just starting to wake up in his pushchair and I knew all hell would break loose if he woke and we were stationary! I pushed the buggy up to the front of the bus, and asked if I was too late for the last stop? The driver looked down at the buggy and my stirring child, looked up at the traffic and said “Of course not, love. I shouldn’t do this, but… here, let me help you…” He opened the doors, and as he’d stopped miles from the curb, he got out of the cab and helped me down to the pavement with the buggy. We made our next bus and my son stayed asleep until we got to the other end. I’ve never been so grateful to a bus driver!” (Becki – The Mum From Brum)


Sharing some blog love

A blog post that I have loved

It’s always nice to take a trip down memory lane and this post From Tum to Mum brought back some wonderful memories of the 1990s and my teenage years. Makes me realise just how much things have changed since then – especially on the technology front!


Some ideas for different ways of giving to charity

When we think of giving to charity, we mostly think of donating money, but there are many more ways that we can help. This fab post by Whimsical Mumblings shares 11 different ways that we can give to charity or help others.


A photo that made me smile

I love seeing photos of kids having fun outdoors. This shot from @memeandharri is gorgeous – I love how happy her daughter looks to be sitting up in the tree.


Happy Wednesday! Half way to the weekend 🎉🎉

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If you have any stories about being on the receiving end of an act of kindness that you’d like me to include in a future blog post, please feel free to email them to me at louise @ littleheartsbiglove.co.uk or fill in the form here.


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4 thoughts on “#withkindnessandlove 9 – stories of kindness and sharing some blog love

  1. It’s lovely to read how there are lots of lovely caring thoughtful people out there. With the negative news it is easy to forget. #ablogginggoodtime

    1. It is easy to forget isn’t it – there is so much negative news out there. Always nice to know that there are caring people out there too!

  2. Awww how wonderful. I remember when this series was just a concept and what a lovely one. Its a good reminder to look for the good rather than always remember the bad x
    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime

    1. Thank you Katie – I’m enjoying reading all the different stories shared and it is a nice focus on the positives. Thank you again for your help when I was still at the ideas stage! x

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