Friday Focus 10/05/2024 – Eventful

It’s been quite an eventful week on the whole with a busy bank holiday weekend with a dance festival, outing and sleepover for Sophie, rehearsals for me for next weekend’s concert and my birthday (which was a little more eventful than I’d planned).


The word 'eventful' in blue bubble writing


Last Saturday was a very busy day with an early start for Sophie to do her character solo and song and dance duet at the dance festival, followed by trying to get her to Windsor on time for her Girls’ Brigade outing, which was followed by a sleepover at church. Windsor was incredibly busy and we were cutting it fine with the timing, but managed to get Sophie to the castle just as the rest of her group had reached the front of the queue to go in! She had a lovely time visiting the castle and going on a boat trip, and enjoyed the sleepover too.


I’ve been trying to slow down a little this week and enjoy some time for myself as it was my birthday yesterday. I took the day off having planned to join the walking group for their Thursday morning walk, visit Jessica and then just sit out in the garden with a book, but it didn’t quite work out as planned! I had a phone call from Thomas’s school as I was heading back to the car after my walk to say he’d cut his finger and needed to get it checked out as it wouldn’t stop bleeding. My quiet day to myself turned into an afternoon taking Thomas to minor injuries to get the cut steri-stripped and dressed and trying to make sure someone was around for Sophie’s pick-up time. We did manage to fit in a brief visit to Jessica as well though which was good.


Red. yellow and pink tulips at Jessica's forever bed



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Thomas holding my hand while out on a walk; Sophie wearing a purple dance outfit looking down at a bronze medal; a sleeping Thomas cuddled up to his toy sheep; Thomas walking along a footpath with rhododendron bushes on either side; a vase of flowers; a table and chair under a parasol in the garden; four paper vouchers for 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes of peace - "#366daysofgratitude 2024 - Week 19"


  • Day 124 – I am grateful for a walk with Thomas looking at all the house numbers.


  • Day 125 – I am grateful for managing to drop Sophie off just in time for her Girls’ Brigade outing and sleepover after being at a dance festival first thing this morning.


  • Day 126 – I am grateful for a quiet moment of calm at the end of the day.


  • Day 127 – I am grateful for time with family and friends over the bank holiday weekend.


  • Day 128 – I am grateful for a lovely surprise bouquet of flowers. Thank you to whoever sent them!


  • Day 129 – I am grateful for being able to work from home while enjoying the sunshine in the garden.


  • Day 130 – I am grateful for the lovely cards, presents and birthday wishes received today. My favourite present was Sophie’s envelope full of hand-made vouchers for moments of peace when I need some time out!



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Sophie and her friend getting a bronze medal for their song and dance duet.


  • Catching up with friends over the bank holiday weekend.


  • Sophie getting a ‘star of the day’ certificate at school.


  • Thomas telling me that I am now “nine Thomases old!”


  • Sophie and Thomas playing with the ridiculously large cardboard box and paper packaging that came with a delivery of 200 DL envelopes.


Sophie sitting in a cardboard box while Thomas uses the paper packaging as a track for a toy car


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6 thoughts on “Friday Focus 10/05/2024 – Eventful

  1. It sounds like it was an eventful day! From hospital appointments to family walks and birthday celebrations, each activity adds a unique touch to your family’s journey. It’s heartwarming to hear about the special moments and challenges you experienced throughout the day. Sharing these updates allows readers to connect with your family’s adventures and highlights the joys and trials of everyday life.

  2. It really has been an eventful week!
    Sophie has been really busy what a day she had on Saturday. Oh dear, sorry your birthday didn’t go as planned. I hope Thomas’s fingers is feeling OK. Those vouchers from Sophie are just adorable. x

  3. Sounds like an exciting week for Sophie, I don’t think people really see all the running around we do for our kids, it’s exhausting. Happy Birthday to you xx

  4. Happy belated birthday. Can’t beat cardboard box play. Sounds like it was a lot of logistics going on. It’s always the way things happen on the same day.

  5. That is a big box for 200 envelopes. Phew to getting Sophie to Windsor just in time. Sorry to hear your ‘me time’ with Jessica was interrupted with a trip to A&E, hope Thomas’s finger is better now. Happy Belated Birthday to you.

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