Friday Focus 09/06/17 – Anxious about the future

At the time of writing this, the polls have just closed. By the time this post goes live, we should have an idea of what the result of the election will be. I have to confess that I’m feeling somewhat anxious about it all. I hope that whatever the result is, that we will continue to have an NHS in the future and that whoever is in power will genuinely work for the greater good.


Anxious - this week's word of the week

It’s not just politics that have made me anxious this week. Both the girls have come down with coughs and colds. Jessica was sent home from school yesterday due to being unwell. These kinds of bugs always hit her a bit harder and I’ve been keeping a close eye on her.  Snuggles on the sofa and Calpol have been much needed – fingers crossed that it will be all we need to get her and Sophie better again.


Things I have loved this week:



Jessica and Sophie with their completed rainbow nature hunt sheets

  • Enjoying the sunshine in the garden and planting some radishes and lettuce.



  • Having hubby home again.



  • A day out at Legoland with Sophie for her preschool trip. She was especially excited at getting to see the Lego Friends again!


Sophie with the five Lego Friends at Legoland


  • Having my hair cut.


  • Getting some new bilingual Bear books to read with the girls. Jessica likes to read the English words and then I read the French.


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12 thoughts on “Friday Focus 09/06/17 – Anxious about the future

  1. I think the run up to this election has made everyone anxious. Not helped if you are worried about the girls and their bugs too. I love the idea of the rainbow nature trail. Outside is such a good way to feel calm and get perspective. Here’s to a good week. #wotw

  2. Oh gosh, I do hope the girls are better soon. I am a little bit anxious but also heartened by the swing towards the left and the number of younger people who have turned out to vote.

    1. Thanks Nat. Seeing the increase in younger voters is encouraging, hopefully they’ll continue to get out and vote x

  3. I couldn’t agree more about the election. It appears it’s not gone the way Teressa May wanted and we are in an darn worse mess than we were before

    The rest if your week looks so much fun!

    1. It is all a big mess on the political front – not quite sure how it’s all going to work out to be honest!

  4. Oh no! It sounds like a worrying time with the girls being poorly….I hope they are better soon.
    Aww! Just look at Jessica with her Lego friends. Adorable x

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