Friday Focus 05/08/2022 – Family

It’s been nice to catch up with family this week. Sophie and Thomas loved being able to spend a couple of days with their cousins who were visiting from Luxembourg plus I’ve also had a couple of day trips back home to see my family. The first time was when the cousins were over from Luxembourg so Sophie and Thomas had a morning with Daddy so they could spend more time with their cousins and I got to have some one-to-one time with my mum which was lovely. We went out for lunch and it was so nice to have that time together.


The word 'family'


The second visit was for a sad occasion though – my brother’s mum’s funeral (his mum was my dad’s second wife). It was nice to see my siblings, my nephews and my brother’s niblings who were at school with me, although sad that it was under those circumstances. Sophie and Thomas did get to come with me though as Daddy was working and they enjoyed having time with Nanny and their aunties and uncles.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie holding a net next to a pond; Sophie washing up at church; Sophie and Thomas standing between two mermaids and a pirate; Sophie and Thomas with their cousins; Sophie on a swing at the playground; Sophie and Thomas playing with giant balls in the nets at Go Ape; me with my mum, one of my sisters and two of my brothers - "#365daysofgratitude 2022 - Week 31"


  • Day 210 – I am grateful for a fun afternoon at Iver Environment Centre doing some pond dipping.


  • Day 211 – I am grateful for Sophie’s help with washing up during our coffee morning at church.


  • Day 212 – I am grateful for the free entertainment in town this afternoon.


  • Day 213 – I am grateful for a lovely day spent catching up with cousins.


  • Day 214 – I am grateful that Sophie is now able to swing high by herself.


  • Day 215 – I am grateful that Sophie and Thomas had so much fun on the Net Adventure at Go Ape, Black Park.


  • Day 216 – I am grateful for my family.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Sophie and Thomas enjoying some imaginative play at Jessica’s forever bed using sticks as magic wands and then leaving the sticks with Jessica “so that she can play with them later.” I love that they wanted to share that moment with Jessica.


Sophie and Thomas putting sticks on Jessica's memorial at her forever bed



Thomas playing with dinosaurs in the tuff tray


  • Thomas’s joy at getting to bounce on a bungee trampoline for the first time.


Thomas on a bungee trampoline


  • The bug hotel that Sophie made during a ‘Discover the Outdoors’ session at Denham Country Park.


The bug hotel that Sophie made, complete with a 'welcome bugs' sign


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16 thoughts on “Friday Focus 05/08/2022 – Family

  1. Good, you got to spend some time with family even though some of the times were under sad circumstances. Continue to enjoy the summe!

  2. How lovely to spend time with your family.
    So sorry about your brother’s mum.
    Fab photos. Sophie doing the washing up did make me chuckle and it looks like fun at Go Ape.
    It is so sweet that Thomas and Sophie still share moments with Jessica. x

  3. Family was my word too! Snap! Sorry for the loss of your brother’s mum xx but it looks like you’ve had a lovely week aside from that

  4. Glad your family got the chance to spend time together despite the circumstances not being the best. Lovely to see Sophie and Thomas’ games and play.

  5. It’s always good catching up with family. Sadly a lot of the time is at funerals, especially as we get older. Your photos are wonderful as usual.

  6. Lots of fun as a family and enjoying the outdoors: summer at it’s best! I am a little bit choked up at how wonderfully Sophie and Thomas include Jessica in their fun. #project365

    1. Thomas wasn’t that interested but Sophie enjoyed it. I’m making the most of doing things like this while she still enjoys it.

  7. How lovely to spend time with the family. Sorry to hear about your family bereavement. It’s lovely that Sophie and Thomas include Jessica in their games.

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