Friday Focus 12/08/2022 – Magical

This week has been full of magical moments, making the most of spending time with Sophie and Thomas and doing things together. It’s been a lovely mixture of events and days out, and simple play indoors and outdoors. Moments of enjoying the sunshine in the garden, listening to Sophie and Thomas laughing together while splashing in the paddling pool and days out at places we love. The excitement of doing something new. For Sophie, that was getting to climb up inside the church tower; for Thomas, it was going to see In the Night Garden Live.


The word 'magical' in rainbow colours


On the whole, it’s been a good week. There have of course been mixed moments, as there always are. Jessica is always very much missed in all the joyous moments although we make her as much a part of them as we can. Sophie and Thomas both naturally include her in their chatter, which I love. Even though Thomas never met his biggest sister, he always includes her name when talking about his family, and it makes me smile to hear it.


Sophie and Thomas sitting in a bench in front of a flower bed


What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie and Thomas making mud pies together; Sophie and Thomas at In the Night Garden Live; Sophie looking out from the top of the church tower; Sophie's cabin bed steps set up as shelves for a grocers shop with toy fruit and veg; Sophie stroking a snake; my living room with the toys tidied away in boxes; five pieces of fabric with our names embroidered on - "#365daysofgratitude 2022 - Week 32"


  • Day 217 – I am grateful for teamwork.


  • Day 218 – I am grateful that Sophie and Thomas enjoyed seeing In the Night Garden Live. Wasn’t quite prepared for how hard I’d find it without Jessica though. Of course she wouldn’t have been that interested in it at 10, but we used to take her and Sophie to see it each year and they loved it. The last time we saw it was our last summer with Jessica. Was lovely to see Thomas’s excitement at seeing all the characters and being reminded of all those beautiful memories of seeing Jessica doing the same, but it did bring it back into sharp focus once more just how much I miss her.


  • Day 219 – I am grateful for Sophie’s excitement at being old enough to go on the church tower tour and see the view from the top.


  • Day 220 – I am grateful for imaginative play (although I have to say some of the fruit and veg in this shop is very expensive!)


  • Day 221 – I am grateful that Sophie and Thomas enjoyed seeing some reptiles, tarantulas and tortoises at Chiltern Open Air Museum.


  • Day 222 – I am grateful for a much tidier living room after a big sort-out of the toys.


  • Day 223 – I am grateful for being able to sit outside in the garden and sew our ‘bricks’ for the church anniversary wall hanging while Sophie and Thomas were playing.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Playing frisbee at the park.



The inside front cover of Action Medical Research's Research Review 2021 with a photo of me and Jessica together and a quote "Research leads to improvements in treatments, which means fewer families who are forever incomplete. This is why the work of Action Medical Research is so important."
Photo credit – Ben Rector / Action Medical Research


  • Having a couple of ‘beach days’ at home with the paddling pool out along with a tuff tray filled with sand.


Thomas playing with sand in the tuff tray


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16 thoughts on “Friday Focus 12/08/2022 – Magical

  1. Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that keep us busy and also happy. You sound like you do so much for the little ones to have a fun life. Keep going, Mama.

    1. Thank you, I’ve been trying to make the summer as fun as possible. I do love having this time with the children.

  2. Aww! How lovely! It sounds like a wonderful week. It is so sweet that Jessica is such a big part of Thomas’s life especially since he never met her. Fab photos from your week. x

    1. Thanks Kim. It means so much that Jessica is still such a part of Sophie’s life and that Thomas includes her too x

  3. Sounds like it’s beena fun filled week. Nice to get out the paddling pool. Wish we’d had ours filled but it would still be too hot for me outside.

    1. Getting the paddling pool out definitely helped us cope better with the heat, plus we also have our event shelter up so we have shade which helped too.

  4. Blimey, I remember when Star loved In the Night Garden, it’s not one we saw live though, we did meet Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly and we’ve seen a few Julia Robertson plays. I love that Thomas talks about his big sister, she’ll always be a part of your family. I’m happy you had a magical week.

    1. We’ve seen a couple of the Julia Donaldson ones but not Peppa Pig or Ben and Holly. I love hearing Thomas include Jessica – it means so much that she is part of his life as well as Sophie’s.

  5. How lovely that Thomas talks so much about Jessica despite his age. I understand what you mean about old memories mixing with new ones, it must be incredibly hard for you doing all these family activities without Jessica there

    1. Some things are harder than others. There are still places I’m not yet ready to revisit but the ones we’ve been back to regularly are easier and the memories tend to bring more smiles than sadness.

  6. Lovely to have a magical week! I’m considering a reptile party for Anya’s birthday next month and we saw our COAM pics from a couple of years ago in memories this week. #project365

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