Friday Focus 29/07/22 – Four

We’ve been celebrating Thomas’s birthday this week as my baby boy turned four on Tuesday. We had a party in Grandma and Grandad’s garden last weekend, which was fun and then a quieter day at home for his actual birthday.


The word 'four'


I could have done without the stress of the Tesco grocery delivery not turning up in the morning on the day of the party when it was due. Apparently, the delivery driver couldn’t find the address, but made no attempt to call me. I was told it would be prioritised for the afternoon but it didn’t turn up and when I chased again, I was told there hadn’t been room on the afternoon delivery van so it was coming later that evening. It eventually turned up at 8pm, two hours after we’d packed up the party and needless to say, we sent it back. They sent a voucher and were supposed to refund the order, but that wasn’t processed either and I had to chase it up. Not very impressed and certainly won’t be using Tesco again for party food deliveries. Thankfully we did have a separate order with Sainsburys which my husband was collecting but he had to do some extra shopping while he was there to make up for the lack of Tesco order.


My husband has been away working this week so missed Thomas’s actual birthday. I just had a quiet day with Thomas and Sophie, going to the park, opening presents and then spending the rest of the day enjoying the presents. I have to admit I’ve found this particular birthday hard though as the last time we celebrated a fourth birthday, it was Sophie’s last birthday with Jessica by her side.


Thomas playing with his Maths Scramble game


Flying solo this week has been a challenge, trying to juggle all the things I need to do with trying to entertain Sophie and Thomas. We’ve had a busy first week of the summer holidays with Sophie having a dance festival as well as having had Thomas’s birthday celebrations, but we’ve managed to get in plenty of trips to the park and various activities.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


The pirate ship on the 'beach' at Ruislip Lido; Thomas blowing out the candle on his birthday cake; a dragonfly on the windowsill at church; Sophie with her three silver medals at the dance festival; Thomas on his new pogo stick; Sophie in her very tidy bedroom; Sophie and Thomas watching an outdoor theatre performance of 'Rapunzel' - "#365daysofgratitude 2022 - Week 30"


  • Day 203 – I am grateful for a lovely morning at Ruislip Lido.


  • Day 204 – I am grateful that Thomas enjoyed his birthday party and that it all went well in spite of the food delivery not turning up. Thank you to everyone who came along and helped us celebrate.


  • Day 205 – I am grateful for the joy that this beautiful dragonfly brought when it appeared at church this morning. Sophie was delighted at the thought that it was Jessica coming in to say hello.


  • Day 206 – I am grateful that Sophie has enjoyed her first year taking part in dance festivals. She performed all three of her dances today at Surrey Dance Festival and was awarded a silver medal in each. Well done Sophie!


  • Day 207 – I am grateful that Thomas had a fun birthday.


  • Day 208 – I am grateful that having a friend over for a play date was an incentive for Sophie to have a good tidy-up of her toys! So nice to see the floor again!


  • Day 209 – I am grateful for an evening enjoying outdoor theatre with Sophie and Thomas.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Making Thomas’s birthday cake. It wasn’t one of my best efforts but he loved it and that’s the most important thing.


A cake with the word 'four' in Welsh, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Luxembourgish


  • Releasing our second set of butterflies.


  • Watching Sophie and Thomas having fun playing together at the park.


Sophie and Thomas standing on a log at the park


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12 thoughts on “Friday Focus 29/07/22 – Four

  1. Happy birthday to Thomas and may he continue to bring you joy. Such a special milestone too. I hope he has fun with his gifts.
    Enjoy the rest of the summer holidays.

  2. Aww! How lovely! It sounds like Thomas had a wonderful birthday!
    What a faff with Tesco. I am glad it didn’t ruin the party and such a shame your husband had to work.
    hahaha! The only time my girls tidy their bedrooms perfectly is when they have friends coming over. x

    1. Thanks Kim. It was a lovely birthday in spite of the Tesco delivery (or lack of it!) Sophie’s bedroom is still tidy which I’m quite impressed about.

  3. Happy birthday to Thomas! The delivery sounds awful, but surely the children were too busy playing to get upset, which is what matters, isn’t it? I wouldn’t order from Tesco after this, I agree that is pretty poorly from them.
    Well done to Sophie to get 3 medals, that’s fantastic.

    1. Oh we made sure there was enough food before people arrived – it was just us who were annoyed by it.

  4. Hope Thomas had a lovely birthday but what a disaster with Tesco (shame on them!). Fab cake. I love finding any excuse to get the kids to tidy! #project365

  5. Oh wow Tesco really messed up, but glad Thomas still had a lovely birthday!

    We have had a few dragonflies in our garden, they are so lovely.

  6. Belated Happy Birthday Wishes to Thomas, sorry to hear about the Tesco food order, we’ve had problems with them in the past also for special deliveries

    1. It was annoying but thankfully we managed to sort things out and make other arrangements.

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