Sensory play in a tuff tray dinosaur swamp

Our tuff tray has certainly had plenty of use over the last few months thanks to us spending so much time in the garden. It comes out most days, mostly just as a handy spot for putting out a selection of toys, but every so often, I like to set up some small world play in it. The latest set-up was a dinosaur swamp and the children loved it.



Our dinosaur swamp was made using large sticks, pieces of bark and handfuls of long grass. I then poured some water in to the tuff tray, added a few toy dinosaurs and we were ready to play.


Toy dinosaurs on top of sticks in a tuff tray filled with sticks, bark, long grass, and water


Naturally, Thomas’s first reaction was to step straight into the tuff tray and paddle in the water.


Thomas paddling in a tuff tray filled with sticks, bark, grass and water and a few toy dinosaurs


He was soon happily playing with his dinosaurs, moving them around the tray and splashing them in the water.


Thomas playing with a toy dinosaur in a tuff tray filled with sticks, bark, long grass and water


After a while, Sophie came to join in the fun. Of course, she was soon paddling in the tuff tray too.


Thomas playing with his dinosaur in the 'dinosaur swamp' tuff tray with Sophie looking on



She had lots of fun picking up the handfuls of long wet grass and moving them around the tuff tray before deciding to give herself some ‘swamp hair’.


Sophie with long wet grass on her head making a long plait


Sophie with a handful of long wet grass on her head


I loved how something as simple as sticks, grass and water along with a few dinosaur toys provided so much fun. The children had a wonderful time splashing around and loved having some sensory play. It’s definitely something we’ll be doing again in the tuff tray.


Thomas and Sophie paddling in the 'dinosaur swamp' tuff tray


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6 thoughts on “Sensory play in a tuff tray dinosaur swamp

  1. My little boy would absolutely love this! He is dinosaur mad, and loves any sort of water play. Thanks for sharing at #KidsandKreativity, hope to see you back next time.

    1. It was so much fun. We’ll definitely be doing it again when the warm weather comes around again.

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