Friday Fabulous Five #68

It’s back again! I’ve had a bit of break from my Friday Fabulous Five feature over the summer but I’m looking forward to sharing my favourite posts once again.  If you’re coming across my feature for the first time, the Friday Fabulous Five is my regular feature where I share five of my favourite blog posts that I have read in the previous fortnight – posts that have made me laugh, made me cry or made me think.  This week’s selection includes a couple of my favourite reads over the summer due to the long break.  Here is my latest selection of five fabulous blog posts:


  • Getting caught up in stats, rankings and trying to make your voice heard in a busy blogosphere can suck the joy out of blogging.  I love this post from Petite Words sharing 8 ways to be a happy blogger.  I especially loved her advice to “be you, because that’s the best person you can be” – so very true!
  • I could really identify with this post from Don’t Drop the Baby about why her 30s have been better than her 20s.  For me it’s been mostly that I no longer care so much about what other people think of me, but it’s been about focusing on the things that really matter as well and parenthood has been a big part of that.
  • Starting school is a big milestone but for parents who have lost a child, it is yet another reminder of what will never be.  This beautifully-written post from Mum Amie is heartbreaking in its description of the ghost at the classroom door – the child who should have been there.  Thinking of all those parents for whom this big milestone brings an extra wave of heartbreak.
  • Becoming a parent changes you in many ways – some of them unexpected! I love this post from Mummy in a Tutu sharing the things that she never did before she had a baby – including singing about poop, referring to herself in the third person and the things that suddenly have become exciting.  How many of these can you relate to?


I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did and have a good weekend!  You can also find posts previously featured in my Friday Fab 5 on the Friday Fab 5 board over on Pinterest.


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7 thoughts on “Friday Fabulous Five #68

  1. Thank you so much for including me in Friday Fabulous Five! All the other posts sound so interesting, can’t wait to have a proper read when the kids are in bed! Xx

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