The Friday Focus 09/09/16 – The start of school days

This week has seen two big milestones for Jessica. She started school on Monday and celebrated her fifth birthday on Tuesday.  We had a party for her on Saturday in my in-laws’ garden followed by a quiet day on Sunday to prepare for the first day at school.  She was so excited about going to big school and seeing all her friends. A few of her friends from preschool, including her best friend E, are in her class.  I managed to send her in with a big smile on my face but the tea and tissues at the nearby Children’s Centre were very welcome afterwards!

School - this week's word of the week

So far, Jessica has been enjoying school.  She has been tired when she arrives home, but no more than I was anticipating.  Our local infant school has the reception children in for full days from the start. Jessica has been coping well with this.  We did have the option of starting her on half-days at first, but decided it would be better for Jessica to do the same as her friends with the agreement that if she was struggling to cope in the early days, the teacher would call me to collect her early.  So far, this hasn’t been necessary.

Jessica on her first day at school

Sophie has found it quite strange without her big sister around this week. She has been wanting a lot more cuddles with Mummy during the day.  It is lovely to see how excited she is at pick-up time. I love the way she runs over as soon as Jessica appears for a big cuddle and to tell her “Luz you, Jekka!”  I’m looking forward to having both my girls with me over the weekend though – the house has felt very quiet this week!


It’s also been a week of getting back into study mode for me too – with another assignment deadline looming! Once this is completed, I only have one more module left on the course so the end is now coming into sight!


Things I have loved this week:

  • Hubby joining us for a last afternoon at Legoland before the start of school.


Hubby with Jessica, Sophie and Ollie the dragon at Legoland


  • Watching Jessica having fun with friends and family at her birthday party. Thankfully the rain held off until near the end!


Jessica blowing out the candle on her birthday cake at her party


  • Watching Jessica open her birthday cards and presents and being just as excited at opening the cards as she was while opening the presents.
  • Jessica’s reaction to seeing her birthday card on CBeebies.



  • Sitting and playing with Jessica’s new Playmobil house when she woke very early one morning. It might have been an earlier start than I would have liked but it meant I had some one-to-one time with my big girl.
  • A reassuring check-up with the paediatrician and Jessica finally managing to gain some weight.
  • Seeing both girls snuggled up together having decided they both wanted to sleep in Sophie’s bed.
  • Getting a hand massage and my nails painted at toddler group while Sophie played happily.
  • Finally using some of my birthday gift cards to treat myself to a new pair of shoes.




21 thoughts on “The Friday Focus 09/09/16 – The start of school days

  1. Oh, I’m so pleased Jessica’s enjoying it and managing with the full days, too. Glad she had a lovely birthday and I love that little video! Best of luck with your assignment, nearly there now! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. Oh my word your toddler group sounds amazing! I’m glad Jessica had a great birthday and school seems to be going well. My youngest is missing her big sister too, it’s a funny time for them having never really been on their own isn’t it?

    1. Thank you Nat – that’s a good point about them never having been on their own – it really must be very strange for them trying to adjust. Hope your two are coping well with the changes too.

  3. Yay! What a great week it’s been. Jessica is doing so well at school. That’s really wonderful that she’s been able for the full days so far. How lovely that her birthday card made it onto CBeebies! I’m sure it’s a big change for Sophie not having her big sister home during the day to play with. x

  4. Ahh! What an emotional week for you! It sounds like Jessica is settling in well at school. Well done her!
    Aww! Jessica’s reaction to her birthday card on Cbeebies is just adorable. It sounds like she had a great day x

    1. Thanks Kim – I did love her reaction although I thought I was going to have to rewind it and try again – it took a moment for her to realise! 🙂

  5. So glad she’s settling into school. They do start them so gently. What a wonderful reaction to the card on TV. She looks so sweet with her birthday cake, and what a beautiful dress. #wotw

  6. Ah considering the mini sadness and excitement of Jess starting school it sounds like a lovely week. You have done lots. How cool getting Jess’ card on CBeebies. Hope she had a lovely birthday. Glad you have had a bit of pampering and hubby has been home. Always hard to get back into work though!! x #wotw

  7. I’m so glad that Jessica had a lovely birthday and has settled in at school. What a busy week you have had xx

  8. Oh ‘wow’ to getting Jessica’s card on ‘beebies’ (as we used to call it!). How exciting. What a lovely post again Louise. So nice to hear that J is getting on so well and that your girls have such a lovely bond 🙂 #wotw

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