Friday Fabulous Five #59

The Friday Fabulous Five is my regular feature where I share five of my favourite blog posts that I have read in the previous week – posts that have made me laugh, made me cry or made me think.  Here are this week’s fabulous blog posts:


  • I have to confess that out of sight in most of my indoor Instagram shots is a pile of clutter that I’ve just quickly moved out of the way so I had to chuckle at Life is Knutts’ post about Instagram vs Reality.
  • I loved Island Living 365’s lists of reasons why having children has turned her into a superhero – how many of these superpowers have you gained since becoming a parent?
  • Diary of an Imperfect Mum shared a post about a presentation her son did about autism – I found the presentation itself really informative but I also loved reading about how far her son has come with coming to terms with having autism and accepting himself for who he is.
  • Becoming a mum changes you forever and it can be so hard to find your feet in those early weeks and months.  I love this letter to a new mum from Motherhood: The Real Deal – full of encouragement without sugar-coating the challenges that parenthood presents.
  • Slouching Towards Thatcham shared a list of seven “don’ts” of social media etiquette for bloggers – are you guilty of any of these?



I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did and have a good weekend!  You can also find some of the posts from past weeks on my Friday Fab 5 board over on Pinterest.

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9 thoughts on “Friday Fabulous Five #59

  1. Thank you so much for including my post Hun. I am so glad you enjoyed it as it is obviously very very close to me heart. It’s lovely to think that there are people like yourself out there who understand how it feels to see your child overcome their challenges and come out on top and will celebrate with you. Thank you!

    1. You’re very welcome Catie – was such a great presentation and so glad that your son did so well with it 🙂

  2. I loved Gemma’s Instagram post and I have to admit that I had a little teary moment when I read the letter to a new mum earlier this week. Off to check out some of the others posts that I’ve missed!

  3. Louise I really appreciate that you picked this post. It is very close to my heart and means a lot as I know that you get how it feels to see your child make it against the odds. Thank you so much. And to sit amongst such great bloggers too. You’ve made my week x

  4. Belatedly, thanks for including me this week. I haven’t read a couple of the other posts yet, so will do so now. Have a great Easter! 😉

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