A walk along the canal

Spring has definitely been in the air this week with all the lovely sunshine we’ve been having.  It’s been the perfect weather for getting out and about and exploring and this week we decided to go for a walk along the canal and hopefully see a boat or two going through the lock.

A walk along the canal - Little Hearts, Big Love

There’s a large recreation ground near the section of the canal we had decided to explore – with a play area that the girls haven’t visited before. Needless to say, that was our first stop before heading down to the canal itself.

Fun in the playground - A walk along the canal - Little Hearts, Big Love

I love all the bright colours in this playground – our local one is not as colourful; nor does it have a “roundybout” (as the girls calls it) which was the biggest hit with Jessica and Sophie.  I got quite out of breath running round and round to spin it for them while they kept squealing out “faster, Mummy, faster!”


The canal was very quiet as we made our way towards the bridge – there were lots of boats moored up along the side for the girls to look at, but no boats going through the lock.  The girls weren’t too bothered – there was sunshine, and sticks and they were just happy to be out in the open air and exploring.

A walk along the canal - Little Hearts, Big Love

We didn’t walk too far down the canal as Jessica started to get a bit out of breath and wanted to turn back.  Sophie wasn’t too impressed by this as she wanted to keep walking but having pushed Jessica a little too far on our recent day out at Langley Park, I’ve learned that I need to let Jessica dictate the pace and distance a little more.

A walk along the canal - Little Hearts, Big Love

By this point in the afternoon, it was getting quite warm and we were able to shed coats for the first time this year.  We were luckier on the way back as there was a boat going up through the lock and the girls quite enjoyed standing and watching the boat go through.

Watching a boat go through the lock - A walk along the canal - Little Hearts, Big Love

Stopping to watch the boat also helped Jessica to get her breath back after the walk too and have a little more energy for running around in the nearby park.  It was lovely to watch the girls chasing each other through the trees, laughing and playing hide ‘n’ seek together before stopping to sit down for a while on a big tree stump.

Chasing each other through the trees - A walk along the canal - Little Hearts, Big LoveTwo sisters sitting on a tree stump - A walk along the canal - Little Hearts, Big Love

We finished off the walk back in the playground where we had started.  It was just one of those perfect afternoons, enjoying time together in the great outdoors and having fun.  No plans, no agenda, just time to stop, to play and to enjoy the spring sunshine.

Enjoying the spring sunshine in the park - A walk along the canal - Little Hearts, Big Love
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


28 thoughts on “A walk along the canal

  1. this looks like the sort of day you remember for a long time. the first warm sunshine is always special and so much more if you are soewhere relaxing. I can’t strop studying the design of that “roundybout” the little chairs are great, I’d love one like that for Coombe Mill. Thank you for sharing a beautiful family day with me on Country Kids

    1. It was lovely to be out in the sunshine. The “roundybout” was great – the girls loved the chairs and there are little gates to allow a wheelchair on as well.

  2. That looks like such a lovely walk down by the canal and hurruh for being able to take coats off in the sunshine. Is Spring finally here? Fingers crossed! #countrykids

    1. I think it’s definitely getting here – although winter still is making the odd appearance here and there! 🙂

  3. Judging by their happy faces the girls really enjoyed their walk. How lively to be able to take off coats and enjoy the sunshine. And the perfect way to finish it all off too. In the playground. Great to see the girls having such fun

    1. Thanks Catie – it was lovely to be out enjoying the sunshine and to be able to shed the coats for a while! 🙂

  4. Lovely photos! When we visited Birmingham more than a couple of years ago (I think T just turned 1), our friends took us on a tour of some of the locks there and I was enthralled by them. I loved just watching the boats go through them. We also found a pub near one of the locks and we just sat there watching the boats go by. Perfect! #countrykids.

  5. One of our favourite walks in Gloucestershire was along the canal, this post reminded me how much we loved it there. Looks like a lovely sunny day x

  6. Canal side walks are great. Added bonus to have a play area so near it too. The round about looks just like on at a park we used to go to. I know exactly what you mean about how it wonderful exercise for us grown-ups. Beautiful day. #CountryKids

  7. Sounds like it was a lovely relaxing walk. And playgrounds always go down well- it’s great that they always seem to be different as well – helps kids keep interested.

    1. I love the way different playgrounds are always quite exciting. It was such a lovely day for a walk, we really enjoyed it 🙂

  8. What a perfect sounding walk and time spent together. Ive not taken my kids to the canal, even though its just a few minutes walk from us…I think I should. #countrykids

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful time, lots of happy, smiley photos! Love the look of that park, so colourful 🙂 We lived near the canal in Edinburgh when I was young, and I loved to walk along it x

    1. It was such a lovely colourful park. Walks along the canal are such a lovely way to spend some time 🙂

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