38 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – 20/03/16

  1. Looking very comtemplative! I wonder what’s going on inside that mind? (Good luck with the BiBs/MADs, BTW!)

    1. Thanks Tim – I often find myself wondering what she’s thinking. Good luck to you too for the awards season πŸ™‚

    1. It’s a millipede. Jessica was quite fascinated by it – and the snakes and cockroach that she also got to see at the #ZookeeperZoe event. I was less keen though!

  2. Hi Louise, I have to ask was the millipede real, if so Jessica is looking rather calm as it’s huge! Love her cheek art!


    1. It certainly was Debbie – Jessica was quite taken by it, whereas I wasn’t quite so keen!

    1. I definitely wouldn’t want it crawling towards me either! Jessica was quite taken by it though!

    1. It was huge Merlinda! I wasn’t brave enough to get anywhere near as close as Jessica did!

    1. Thanks Jenni – I loved bugs too as a child. My mum used to hate emptying my pockets as they were always full of my “pets”. So funny that now I wouldn’t go near them!

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