Friday Fabulous Five #42

I’ve taken a bit of a step back on the blogging front over the summer but my Friday Fabulous Five is now back again. This is my regular feature where I share five of my favourite blog posts that I have read in the previous week – posts that have made me laugh, made me cry or made me think. Here are this week’s fabulous five:


  • It often takes a tragic event to make us realise just how precious the ordinary moments are. Caro at the Twinkle Diaries writes beautifully and movingly about the loss of her friend and how it has taught her to cherish the ordinary.
  • The Butterfly Mother shares a beautifully moving love letter to her little caterpillar on his birthday, sharing an honest reflection on the journey and a reminder that motherhood is a fluid process and not a destination.
  • Changing bags, snack bags, book bags – being a mummy can feel like being a packhorse at times and this funny post from Life, Love and Dirty Dishes brilliantly defines those “Mummy bag” stages.
  • Last weekend, the parenting blogger community came together to help raise awareness of the plight of refugees in Syria and help fundraise for Save the Children. To see the power of social media being used for good was amazing but it also generated some negativity. Tim at Slouching Towards Thatcham reflects on the responses received in his thought-provoking post about the good, the bad and the ugly of social media.
  • Two Little Misters shared a brilliant list of Mummyisms that I certainly have found myself using – can you identify with any of these?



I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did and have a good weekend! You can also find some of the posts from past weeks on my Friday Fab 5 board over on Pinterest.

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4 thoughts on “Friday Fabulous Five #42

    1. Thank you for reading – I haven’t done this for a while so nice to start it up again 🙂

  1. Aah thank you SO much Louise — that’s so, so lovely of you. It’s sad isn’t it, that it takes something like this to make you reassess everything. I wish, so much, I’d said goodbye but I never — in a million years — thought she was going to die. I 100% thought she was going to beat it. It’s so sad. Thanks so much for featuring me xx

    Caro |

    1. So sorry that you didn’t get a chance to say goodbye – it is so sad when things like this happen and it certainly does make you realise how important it is to enjoy the here and now. I thought your post was so beautifully written, a lovely tribute to your friend and a very poignant reminder to enjoy the little moments. Thank you for sharing it and sending you a big virtual hug x

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