First signing certificate

Last week I had a very proud mummy moment with Sophie when she got her first signing certificate at Tiny Talk for being able to clap her hands (and she also did ‘signing’ hands for the first time at the class too!). Sophie has been coming along to Jessica’s toddler signing classes ever since she was a couple of weeks old although I have to admit I’ve been less good at signing with her at home than I was with Jessica. Whilst Jessica still signs some words (and recently received her ’50 signs’ certificate), we’ve got a little out of the habit of signing regularly now that her vocabulary is so good. Still, I can see that Sophie recognises a few signs that we use more regularly by her big smile whenever I do them – ‘all gone’, ‘eat’, ‘well done’, ‘thank you’ and of course ‘bye-bye’ are probably the most regularly used ones.

2014-07-31 at 10-36-27

It’s been a bit of a week of milestones for Sophie – as well as learning how to clap, she has also managed to pull herself up on the furniture and stand up for the first time! Whilst this is also a proud mummy moment and a lovely milestone, it does come with a few more complications – we’ve been trying to encourage Jessica to put stickers, magazines and puzzle pieces on the table so that Sophie can’t reach them and try to put them in her mouth – well, Sophie can now reach them all! Not quite sure how we’re going to get around this one and still make them accessible for Jessica – just lots of supervision needed, I think!

2014-07-31 at 10-36-28

Linking in with PODCast for What’s the Story? and The Oliver’s Madhouse for Magic Moments:

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8 thoughts on “First signing certificate

  1. Congratulations on her certificate. Signing is a great way to communicate with babies #whatsthestory

  2. What a great accomplishment! My little girl has reached a similar milestone. She recently started crawling and is now into everything. Cords, magazines, and the like! I can only imagine what it’s like when she’s hoisting her wee body up on things! Such an adventure being a mother and watching little ones cross over these milestones, isn’t it?


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