Memories of my dad

Today’s BEDAOutmumbered prompt invites us to share a special memory. Some of my most beautiful memories come from my wedding day which was a truly magical day. Naturally most of these memories are of myself and hubby sharing some very special moments. The ones I’d like to share today though are those with my dad.


My sister, me, my dad, my mum and my twin in the pub my dad ran in 1982


My dad and I were very close. I was always described as being a “daddy’s girl” when I was a child. It was generally my dad I ran to if both parents were about and I fell over or needed comforting about something. During my time at university, Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. By the time of my wedding in 2009, he was also suffering from dementia. He was wheelchair bound, partly due to the Parkinson’s but also because he’d had a leg amputated some years before I was born as a result of a wound received during his time in the navy.


I had hoped that my dad would be able to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day. As the day drew nearer, it became clear that he would not be able to do this. My brother stepped in instead. It was Dad though who travelled with me in the car from my flat. The journey to the church was a bit of a blur.  I remember Dad squeezing my hand the whole way and telling me that I looked beautiful and that he loved me.


Me and my dad in the car on my wedding day
Photo credit: Brian Wiseman/Andrew Hill


Mum and my brother were waiting for us at the door of the church. Mum wheeled Dad to the front, turning him around to face me as my brother walked me down the aisle. My dad’s face and Michael’s face were the only two faces that really stood out as I made my way to the front of the church. Two faces that were both full of pride and love. The two men I loved most.


My dad looking at me on my wedding day
Photo credit: Brian Wiseman/Andrew Hill


The speeches were a real struggle for Dad – he got so easily confused. Mum had to prompt him many times during the short speech he managed to make. There weren’t many dry eyes by the time he had finished. His last line was one of the few unprompted ones and was straight from the heart: “I just want to tell my daughter how much I love her.”


Me hugging my dad after his speech on my wedding day
Photo credit: Brian Wiseman/Andrew Hill


We had a video made of our wedding day, something Michael had been insistent on. I’m so glad now that we did because Dad died five months later. Whenever I really miss him, I can put the DVD on again and hear his voice telling me how much he loves me. Love you too, Dad and miss you always.


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17 thoughts on “Memories of my dad

  1. Such a lovely post and wonderful memories. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss x

  2. Such a lovely story to share! I’m sure that DVD of your father is a priceless treasure. I lost my dad several years ago to cancer and I know what a terrible loss it is. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Tearing up reading that myself! Such a great thing to have recorded. The bond you share is evident in those photographs. Lovely memory to share.
    Laura x

  4. If you look at ‘A vivid memory’ by That Lancashire Lass, she is talking about my dad. I couldn’t even attempt to do this as it still hurts, 15 years on. Dads are just so special aren’t they. Glad you shared your memory. It was lovely. xx

    1. Oh bless you Pat, that was such a heartbreaking memory and I am not surprised it still hurts you 15 years on – so sorry for the sudden loss of your dad. Hope you have lots of lovely memories of your dad to hold on to as well x

  5. Lovely post. Had me welling up most of way through. So glad you got this great memory and a DVD to remember your dad by now. Sorry for your lose x
    See you tomorrow x
    Nikki x

  6. Such an emotional post..
    The love between you and your father shines through the photographs.
    So sorry to hear that you lost him so soon after your wedding day. x

    1. Thank you – I am so glad that he was able to be there for our wedding and such an important part of our day. I have lots of very lovely memories and was very blessed to have him for my dad x

  7. Properly shed tears over this one! Such a beautiful post. Your dad sounds wonderful. I’m sorry to hear he died soon after but I’m glad he got to be with you on your day and you have that precious video too 🙂 x

    1. Thank you and sorry for making you cry. My dad was a wonderful man and I was very glad he was there with us that day and that I have so many lovely memories of him x

  8. I’ve had this post left open on a tab from the day I saw it, I didn’t want to close it until I had read it because the pictures were so touching! Such a beautiful post I’m so sorry for your loss and sorry I’ve only just got round to reading x

    1. Thank you – and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I have lots of lovely memories of my dad and although I miss him every day, I feel very blessed that I had him in my life for 30 wonderful years.

  9. Oh this has made me weepy – what a beautiful post and what stunning emotional photos. Your dad looks so proud of you. It always makes me sad that my dad won’t ever be able to walk me down the aisle. My sister has recently had her wedding video put onto cd and I really want to watch it but know it’s going to make me sad seeing and hearing my dad. I must watch it though because I know it’ll be lovely to see him again.

    1. Thank you Lisa – sorry that you have also lost your dad. I love watching my wedding video and seeing him again – it does make me quite tearful too but it is lovely to see him and am so glad that your sister has your dad on her wedding video for you to be able to watch too x

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