My best friends

My twin sister and her best friend met on the first day of infant school and have been best friends ever since. I envy her that friendship. It must be wonderful to have such a close friend with whom you share so much history and memories. I have had many friends over the years, but those who I have considered my ‘best’ friends at points in my life have always come and gone. It has been hard for me to accept that some friendships can be transient, especially when they have been such close ones.


Whilst I don’t have a ‘best’ friend as such (unless perhaps you count my husband or my twin sister) I do have two friends in particular who have been a huge source of strength and support, particularly in those difficult days following Jessica’s diagnosis. I am blessed to have these two amazing ladies as part of my life. They are also both godmothers to my beautiful daughters.



I met Katy whilst I was still at university when we were performing in various am-dram shows. She is one of the most optimistic and outgoing people I know, with more energy than the Duracell bunny on speed. She is full of faith and zest for life and is genuinely someone who exudes joy and happiness. We bounce off each other, exchange banter and have huge amounts of fun together doing crazy things. One memory that stands out is standing on a campsite near Buxton (we were performing in the G&S festival) on a hill and both of us running around with arms outstretched singing “the hills are alive…”


Katy kept in constant contact from the day we found out about Jessica, letting us know she was thinking of and praying for us, checking to see how we were and generally just being there for us. When we were in hospital she visited regularly (living very close to the hospital), brought in food (and a cabbage when my milk came in and I was very engorged). She even agreed to store Jessica’s placenta in her freezer until we could take it home as we wanted to bury it in the garden! She has made me laugh when I needed cheering and provided hugs and support when I needed comforting.



I met Gillian a couple of years later. We were both new midwives starting at a birthing centre on the same day. We only worked together for a few months before she moved away. Despite living a few hundred miles apart, we have remained friends ever since. Gillian is a passionate and committed Christian. She has one of the biggest hearts out of everyone I know. She is a giver, always ready to help those in need around her, caring and compassionate, forthright and honest and true to herself. Like Katy, she has been there for us since Jessica’s diagnosis, praying for us. Despite not being able to be there for us in person very often, she has always been there in spirit. Her biggest strength is her faith. When my faith has been small, she has helped keep me strong.


Me, Katy (holding Jessica) and Gillian


Thank you Gillian and Katy for being such wonderful friends and godmothers to my children. Having you both in my life is a huge blessing.


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15 thoughts on “My best friends

  1. Katy & Gillian sound like wonderful friends (and Godmothers!), I loved reading your story xx

    1. Thank you – they are wonderful friends and I’m very glad to have them in my life too! πŸ™‚

  2. Such a heart warming post! There’s nothing like true friends and – like your twin – I’m lucky enough to have known my two oldest and best friends almost my whole life. Katy and Gillian sound like the sort of friends everyone needs, and you wouldn’t have them if you weren’t a great friend to them too. xx #the prompt

    1. Thank you Maddy – they are fabulous friends and hope I am a good friend to them too. How lovely that you have known your closest friends for almost your whole life – must be so lovely to have so many shared memories πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Sara – they are fabulous friends and I am definitely lucky to have them. Lovely to link up to #theprompt again πŸ™‚

  3. You are very lucky to have two friends, especially as you all clearly share a strong faith. I’d go so far as to say that (…drum roll…) you’re in a better position than your twin sister. I know that three is sometimes a crowd, but you can all depend on each other and that’s a very fortunate place to be.

  4. What a lovely post. I don’t think it matters how many friends you have or even if you’d consider them best friends, it matters that you’re there for each other when needed. Whether it be in spirit or knocking on your door at 2am, friends keep us going and provide us with laughter. #WotW

    Morgan x

    1. Thank you – definitely agree that what matters is being there for each other – that’s what friendship is all about.

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