Feeding in funny places

I have always been someone who is very comfortable with feeding in public – it doesn’t matter where I am, if my baby needs feeding, then I will just get on and feed. It has meant that I’ve fed in some slightly unusual places or situations and here are three of them:


1) At 10 Downing Street

We were lucky enough to get invited to the children’s Christmas party at 10 Downing Street last year through the charity that helps fund Jessica’s community nurse. Sophie was just six weeks old at the time and so was feeding quite frequently at that stage. We had a lovely time at the party and Sophie even got to have a cuddle with some of the Strictly Come Dancing celebrities (and was briefly seen on TV the following Saturday which we were very excited about!). It did feel quite surreal to be sitting on a sofa in the Pillared Room feeding my baby but it was a fabulous experience to be able to go there.

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2) Whilst playing the piano for a rehearsal

I performed in a fundraising concert at church a few weeks ago to raise money for the intensive care unit where my eldest daughter was treated after her heart surgeries. At one of the rehearsals, our pianist was unavailable and I was asked to stand in for her. Mid-rehearsal, Sophie wanted to be fed. I ended up feeding whilst playing the piano (sight-reading) and singing a duet at the same time. Multi-tasking at its best!


3) Whilst visiting the Bayeux Tapestry

Sophie decided to loudly announce her desire to feed a few minutes into our recent visit to the Bayeux Tapestry. Which was fine – the only problem being that in order to encourage visitors to keep moving as they view the tapestry, the museum disables the pause button on the audio guide. Which makes it more difficult to just stop, sit down and feed and then resume viewing the tapestry and Sophie was definitely not up for waiting. So, I ended up walking around and viewing the tapestry with the audio guide propped against one ear whilst I got on and fed Sophie. Not the most comfortable way of feeding but it worked!


How about you? Have you had to breastfeed in unusual places or situations?


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