Black & White Photography Project Week 2

Another old photo this week:


A black and white photo of Jessica behind the stairgate

Jessica was just over a year old at this point and starting to become much more mobile which meant the stairgate became a necessity! She’s now at the stage where we mostly leave the stairgate open downstairs and let her wander about as she’s pretty good (at the moment!) at not getting into too much trouble.


However, this week her baby sister Sophie has mastered the art of crawling and so we are trying to get back in the habit of remembering to keep the gate closed! I suspect we might also be adding a similar photo of Sophie to the collection at some stage too!


2 thoughts on “Black & White Photography Project Week 2

  1. Must be so strange keeping the gate closed having had it open. I’m sure Sophie will be trying to find a way out before long! Lovely photo, thank you so much for sharing with #bwphotoproject

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