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My biggest source of inspiration has to be my beautiful daughter Jessica. As most of my regular blog readers will know, Jessica was born with a congenital heart defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which basically means that she has half a working heart.   She has endured several rounds of surgery (including one procedure whilst she was still in the womb and three open-heart surgeries) and many weeks recovering from them in hospital. I have watched her fight infections in intensive care, deal with countless tubes and still manage to give us a little smile in spite of it all.

Children's Heart Week 03-02

I know that I am very biased, but she is truly one of the happiest children I have ever known – full of love and joy and smiles. She loves to sing and chatter away to herself and whenever we are out, she will give the people around us such huge smiles that they just can’t help but smile back at her. Her godmother describes her as a ‘joy carrier’ which is a very apt description. I love watching Jessica with her baby sister Sophie – so many precious moments. I particularly love it when Sophie wakes from a nap and Jessica comes over to give her a kiss and ask “did you have a nice sleep, darling?” – so sweet. Love both my little girls so very dearly and am so proud to be their mummy.


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