CaseApp custom phone case and laptop skin – review and giveaway

One of the best presents my hubby ever bought me was a personalised case for my iPhone.  It was our first Christmas as a family of four and the case was printed with a photo of the four of us, taken when Sophie was just a week old.  A happy moment captured and remembered every time I picked up my phone.  Sadly, two-and-a-half years on, the photo has become very faded.  I had been thinking about getting a new case when I was contacted by CaseApp inviting me to review a custom case/skin for my phone and laptop – the perfect opportunity to replace my tired-looking case with a new one featuring an updated photo.

A personalised phone case from CaseApp with a photo of our family plus a customisable laptop skin - my review of CaseApp plus a chance to win a customised product


Personalising my phone case was easy – there were options for adding photos, backgrounds, text and I toyed with the idea of creating a photo collage on the back of my phone.  In the end though, I chose one of my favourite recent photos of the four of us – a “totem-pole” family photo which was perfect to fit on the back of a phone.

Screenshot showing the options available for personalising my phone case


I would have liked a laptop skin for myself, but it wasn’t available in the right size, so hubby got to have one for his MacBook Pro instead.  Again, there were plenty of customisation options available but he liked the various designs available on the site and opted for the Crazy Galaxy design.


Delivery was quick with both products arriving a couple of days after placing the order.  I loved the vibrant colours and clear printing on the photo on my phone case.  It is a hard case with a silicone lining whereas my previous case was rubbery.   Inserting the phone into the case was very easy – removing it from the case less so (which is a good thing!)

My new phone case from CaseApp with a totem-pole style photo of our family

The phone feels a little more exposed in the new case than it did in the old one which encased it around all edges (with holes for the various outlets) and was a little raised on the front of the phone.  The raised edge at the front provided a small buffer if I dropped the phone face down (as did happen once or twice and the phone stayed intact).  This case encloses the phone on the long edges but is cut away at the top and the bottom and the case is flatter at the front.  There appears to be a little less protection for the front of the phone than with my previous case but I have not tested whether dropping my phone face-down onto a hard floor would have any adverse results so can’t say for sure whether it actually is less protective!

Showing the way the case is cut away at the bottom edge of the phone

That aside though, it does feel like a well-made case, the printing quality is excellent and the case is smooth and comfortable to hold and I am pleased with it.

Hubby applying the Crazy Galaxy skin to his MacBook Pro

The laptop skin comes as a self-adhesive vinyl sheet which is applied to the laptop lid.  Getting it in the right place was a little tricky due to trying to line it up with the Apple logo in the centre, but the vinyl is very forgiving of being pulled up and stuck down again provided you don’t press down too firmly until you’re confident it is in the correct place.  There were a few air bubbles which were removed by using a credit card to smooth the vinyl down.  The quality of the vinyl is good and it sticks well across the whole skin with no raised edges and provides a protective layer against scratches.  Hubby is happy with the new look of his laptop and the added protection the skin provides.

The CaseApp Crazy Galaxy skin on hubby's MacBook Pro

CaseApp have a variety of custom cases/skins available on the website for various models of phone and laptop.  They are offering my readers a 20% discount on custom cases/skins until 22nd August 2016 through entering the code LITTLEHEARTS20


I am also offering one lucky reader the chance to win a customised product (worth £22) from CaseApp.  You can enter the competition by filling in the Gleam form below.  The competition is open to UK entrants and ends on 14th August 2016 at 11.59PM.  Good luck!

Disclaimer: I received a customised phone case and laptop skin in return for sharing a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. The laptop skin looks amazing love the design! The iphone cover photo is lovely too, but the case looks too thin for us. I’m constantly dropping my phone, so it needs to bounce!! 😉 #TriedTested xx

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