The lights all go out one by one
And in the darkness, a candle glows
In remembrance: lest we forget
Although we may have never met
Those men who fought so long ago
In ‘the war to end all wars’ yet war goes on

A dozen candles shine away
Nestled together in a tray of sand
I take one from a tray beneath
And light it, remembering a friend’s grief
Pausing there in the cathedral grand
And in the stillness quietly I pray

The table’s laid, the lights are low
A romantic night out on our own
Time for us to be you and me
And not just Mummy and Daddy
(whilst we keep half an eye on the phone)
And hold hands in the candlelight’s soft glow

A birthday party – here’s the cake
Three candles on top, burning bright
My little girl with a happy shout
Jumps up to blow her candles out
Her little face full of delight
The memory captured as photos we take

A necessity if the power goes
Or sometimes we light candles because
They give us hope in our despair
When lit in reflection or in prayer
A moment to think and to pause
While the candle light flickers and glows

Β© Louise George – 11th September 2014
Candlelight - Little Hearts, Big Love

Joining in withΒ Verily Victoria Vocalises for Prose for Thought and mumturnedmom for this week’s prompt: “Shine”:

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21 thoughts on “Candlelight

  1. A touching reminder of the myriad of things that candles represent. The poem takes the reader on an emotional journey! Xx

  2. Oh this is just beautiful! What a lovely poem, and perfectly written x

  3. I love this, how you have captured so many different meanings behind the use of candles. It is emotional and moving and uplifting all at once. Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

  4. That’s beautiful, very touching and poignant. Candle light and its meanings is a lovely interpretation of the prompt word. x #theprompt

  5. Candles are so versatile aren’t they? Your poem captures each moment perfectly.

  6. This is so very beautiful. I love what you have captured here – the sadness and happiness, the calm and serenity and remembrance that a candle can bring. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought πŸ™‚ x

    1. Thank you – there are so many moments where we light candles and I was trying to capture some of that. Lovely to link up with Prose for Thought again πŸ™‚

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