Siblings – September

Over the last month, there have been more and more lovely moments where the girls will sit and play together for a while and fewer moments where Jessica gets frustrated with Sophie touching her toys. Even on Jessica’s third birthday a few days ago, there were no real moments of possessiveness over the new toys – both girls were quite happily playing with them. Our photos this month are taken from a visit to see Nanny and capturing lovely moments of the girls sitting and playing together – and being able to sit down together at the little table for lunch as well (although Sophie does have a tendency to lean over and fall off one side of the chair if I don’t sit close by to prevent it!)

Siblings 09-14 03

It is lovely seeing more and more of a sibling bond develop now that Sophie is becoming more able to play alongside her sister. The look of delight on Sophie’s face when she sees Jessica first thing in the morning is so beautiful to see and Jessica is mostly very loving towards her little sister too, wanting to give her cuddles or kiss her head or start tickling her to make her laugh. Jessica is still better at making Sophie laugh than either hubby or me.

Siblings 09-14 02

This month has also marked the transition moment – that cusp of looking at my baby and suddenly seeing more of the little girl she is becoming than the baby she once was. Such a bittersweet moment although it is lovely to see all the little developments and the milestones. Sophie took her first few steps with a walker at the end of last month and is not too far away from being able to stand for a brief moment without support. Jessica too is growing and developing beautifully – getting increasingly chatty and I just love the way she will look at Sophie first thing in the morning and ask “did you have a nice sleep, darling?” Precious moments.

Siblings 09-14 01

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10 thoughts on “Siblings – September

  1. Aww, they’re just so lovely together! It brings back memories of my girls when Elma was at a similar stage – it’s all so fleeting and before you know if you’ve got two of them running around and plotting master plans; sweet still but not quite the same as those first few interactive moments!

  2. So sweet how they look at each other – I love this linky because it really does capture snapshots of the moments that we see everyday but are often to tired / stressed/ busy to fully appreciate x

    1. Thank you. I love joining in with this – it’s a lovely way of capturing how our little ones change and how their sibling bond changes over time and capturing those lovely everyday moments x

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