A little trigger
Anger starts to simmer
Try to take a deep breath and calm down
Tension is growing
Anger’s embers are glowing
Shoulders tensing, jaw clenching and frown
Anger takes its hold on me
– mustn’t let it control me –
But the fuse is shrinking by the second
Muttering and glowering
Anger overpowering
It’s a mighty force with which to be reckoned
Another inch of goading
Anger harsh, exploding
Destructive, hurtful words of burning fury
As the red mist clears
There are salty tears
As the guiltiness and sorrow now run through me
Anger fast decreases
Picking up the pieces
With regret that this time anger had the victory
Soothing, tending
Anger ending
But the hurt it left cannot be healed so quickly

© Louise George – 18th July 2014

Anger - a spiral poem


I originally envisaged this poem written in a spiral to represent the way anger spirals out of control. Here’s my hand-written version of it:

The handwritten version of my poem "Anger" showing the spiral of anger


Joining in with mumturnedmom for this week’s prompt: “Anger”

mumturnedmomProse for Thought

And then the fun began...

16 thoughts on “Anger

  1. Very true words hon! I think all of us parents can relate to this one. I love the drawing you’ve done 🙂 #ThePrompt

    1. Thank you – the spiral was the first thing that came to mind when I started the poem. I suspect all parents struggle with anger at times

  2. I love this poem – especially the drawing. I think it represents anger really well. x

  3. Like the visual representation of this one very much. Great job! Last lines very true.

  4. Good poem Louise – very honest portrayal of exactly how it goes with anger and I like the spiral too. Thanks for linking it to #thetruthabout this week X

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