A Treasure Trail around Datchet

A Treasure Trail is a great way of exploring an area and making a family walk more interesting. We’ve done a few different ones now and always enjoy doing them. Our most recent one took us on a walk around Datchet, hunting for clues along the way.


Sophie looking up at the Diamond Jubilee Cross in Datchet


The trails are all self-guided and there are more than 1000 different ones available on the Treasure Trails website covering different locations across the UK. Each trail costs £9.99 for the trail booklet . This can be downloaded and printed multiple times so each person can have their own booklet. The trail booklets all have a unique reference number at the back. When you complete the trail, you can submit your answer (along with that number) on the Treasure Trails website and be entered into the monthly £100 prize draw.


Sophie and Daddy walking along the main road in Datchet


Each Treasure Trail follows a theme. The Datchet trail is a Spy Mission Trail where we had to crack the deactivation code to thwart a Cold War spy’s plan to destroy the roads passing through the village. We entered each of the clues we found along the way into the answer grid on the back and crossed off numbers and letters in the combination box to crack the code. If you get stuck along the way, you can text to request the answer to up to three clues. We had to do this for a couple of clues this time around.


Sophie standing in front of a wall with an old stamp dispensing machine above her


The trail took us on a circular walk, starting and finishing at the Horton Road car park. We walked past the station and then along a short stretch of the River Thames, where we stopped for a “nic-nic” (as Thomas calls it) before heading back towards the main road.


Thomas in his buggy with the River Thames and narrowboats in the background


One of the things I like about doing a Treasure Trail is how it makes you really look closely at things whilst trying to find the clues. I did one a few years ago in the town where I grew up. Even though I was very familiar with the roads that we walked along, there were still a few things that we spotted along the way that I’d never noticed before!


Sophie and Daddy looking at the Victorian drinking fountain in Datchet


Of all the trails we’ve done so far, I have to say this was my least favourite. The roads through Datchet are all very busy and there was only one pedestrian crossing along the way. There were several clues on the greens forming islands between the roads so we had to cross a few times.  This was quite stressful with a young child and a toddler in the buggy. The only place I felt safe enough to let Thomas out of the buggy was in the churchyard. Otherwise we were either next to a main road or the river.


Thomas sitting on a bench outside St Mary's Church in Datchet


Daddy and Sophie in St Mary's churchyard in Datchet


Sophie enjoyed looking for the clues though. She’s getting better at solving them by herself now.  It was good to get out for a family walk together as well. Next time, we’ll hopefully explore somewhere that’s a little easier to navigate with children in tow though!


Sophie taking a closer look at the inscription on the Diamond Jubilee Cross in Datchet


Please note this isn’t a collaborative post – we’ve always purchased our own trail sheets. Prices are correct at the time of posting.


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8 thoughts on “A Treasure Trail around Datchet

  1. A lovely way to explore a town and enjoy a little bit of the local history. A bonus to get some fresh air and exercise and something to unite all the family. It looks a pretty place to walk. Well done to Sophie helping solve the clues. #CountryKids

    1. It is such a fun way of learning more about somewhere. Lovely that Sophie can work out the answers herself now as well.

  2. I love the picture of Sophie working things out on the monument. I reckon Rowan would enjoy something like this. And now is a great time to be exploring places locally.

    Thank you for sharing with #AdventureCalling

    1. It’s a great way of making a walk more interesting and it’s good to have things like this that we can still do outside even with the restrictions.

  3. These sound a great way to explore independently. I’ll take a look as it sounds a lovely way to keep little ones motivated when exploring- Lily loves a trail! #AdventureCalling

  4. Even though the route was a bit stressful, it looks like a nice family outing. I enjoyed doing a Treasure Trail last year, and am hoping to do a couple more this year. Like you say, it’s a great way to notice things you wouldn’t otherwise spot. And Finn loves being a spy and looking for clues! Thank you for sharing with us #AdventureCalling

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