#366daysofgratitude – Week 48

Throughout 2016 I will be posting a photo on Instagram each day, sharing something that I am grateful for each day as part of my #366daysofgratitude project.  Here are the things I have been grateful for this week:

A working fridge, a sunny November day, cold frosty mornings, Sophie dancing on the bed, books, the church Christmas tree and help doing my first flower arrangement - the things I'm grateful for this week


Day 332 – I am very grateful that our fridge has decided to start working again – I have no idea why it went on strike for a few days but it seems to have sorted itself out – fingers crossed it stays that way! [sadly it didn’t, but I’m hoping it can be repaired next week!]

Day 333 – I am grateful for a sunny November day and time to explore the great outdoors.

Day 334 – I am grateful for fun outside on a frosty morning.

Day 335 – I am grateful for the little happy moments, like this one from first thing this morning when we put the Lego Friends songs on and Sophie was dancing on my bed while Jessica snuggled up to me. These are the little moments when everything just feels right. They might not be picture-perfect, but they are still perfect to me.

Day 336 – I am grateful for books. Looking forward to working our way through the book advent calendar and reading lots of Christmassy stories in the run up to Christmas.

Day 337 – I am grateful that the Christmas tree is up at church – it’s the perfect backdrop for this year’s Christmas card photos with the girls.

Day 338 – I am grateful for help with arranging flowers at church for the first time. These are in memory of my dad as next week it will be 7 years since he passed away.

4 thoughts on “#366daysofgratitude – Week 48

  1. Sorry to hear about the loss of your dad, this time of year must be difficult for you. I like the fact that some of your grateful moments involve being outside, we are loving the ability to get outdoors in this beautiful winter weather too!

    1. Thank you Nat – it is a difficult time of year as I always miss my dad a little more around the festive season and there are lots of little reminders of him – but so many happy memories too. I’m loving the dry weather at the moment – it’s so lovely to be able to get out and about so much x

  2. Hi Louise, I have enjoyed seeing the photos of your year of gratitude. We often overlook those ‘small’ things that make us happy, but shouldn’t. Those not so picture perfect moments make for perfect moments and memories and you can’t ask for more than that in life.

    I hope you can look back and remember your Dad fondly next week. Remembering all the good times.


    1. Thank you Debbie – I’ve really enjoying finding something to be grateful for each day – will definitely be carrying on with it next year 🙂

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