#366daysofgratitude 2020 – Week 5

At the start of 2016, inspired by a friend, I started a daily gratitude challenge – posting one thing that I was thankful for each day on Instagram. I enjoyed it so much that when I reached the end of that year, I carried on and have kept going ever since. Finding one little thing to be thankful for each day has now become part of my daily routine and I’ve loved seeing friends joining in along the way too.


Finding something to be grateful for each day isn’t about trying to give the impression that life is perfect and wonderful. It isn’t. Those little moments of gratitude can be hard to find at times; particularly after my eldest daughter Jessica died in April 2018. Some days, I struggle to find my grateful moment; some days I just feel broken and bruised. But even when it has been hard to do, I have still managed to find something. Even if it is something small, and silly, and trivial.


Jessica was an inspiration to me throughout her short life. She had so much strength and such a wonderful zest for life. Her godmother described her once as a “joy carrier” and it was the perfect description for her. She was a little ray of sunshine, full of smiles and gave joy to all who knew her. I am, and will always be, grateful to be her mummy. She taught me to enjoy the little moments and to make the most of everyday because tomorrow is never promised. And even though having to live life without Jessica is by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do, I will continue to look for those little things to be thankful for, and keep going with this challenge in honour of my beautiful brave girl.


Here are my grateful moments from the past week:


Thomas sitting amongst snowdrops at West Wycombe Park with Daddy and Sophie on the folly on top of the hill behind him; Sophie hanging on a hoop at the park; Thomas playing peek-a-boo with a white curtain; Thomas sitting in the barber's after having his hair cut; Sophie pushing Thomas around the garden on his toy motorbike; Sophie playing peek-a-boo through the windows of the playhouse with Thomas inside; Thomas sitting on Daddy's knee at the Land's End - John O'Groats Association annual dinner holding a trophy - "#365daysofgratitude 2020 - Week 5"


Day 33 – I am grateful for quality family time together. We had a lovely walk around West Wycombe Park, planting a snowdrop in memory of Jessica. Thomas loved exploring and Sophie had fun rolling down a hill “because that’s what Jessica loved to do” (you can just about see Sophie and Daddy at the top of the hill in the photo). We finished off our Sunday with a movie night and a mini disco in the front room. An almost perfect day – if only Jessica could have been there too, today would have been pure perfection. But she was part of it; always loved and never forgotten.

Day 34 – I am grateful that Sophie had fun after school at the park with her friends.

Day 35 – I am grateful for how much joy there can be in something as simple as playing ‘peek-a-boo’.

Day 36 – I am grateful that Thomas coped so well with his first trip to the barbers.

Day 37 – I am grateful for outdoor toys.

Day 38 – I am grateful for moments of watching Sophie and Thomas playing together.

Day 39 – I am grateful that Thomas is now officially a member of the LEJOG Association after doing the journey by bus and train last year just after his first birthday. He received a special Chairman’s Award trophy in honour of Jessica and it was lovely to hear other people remember her from the last time we were here.


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26 thoughts on “#366daysofgratitude 2020 – Week 5

  1. Lots of lovely family moments. It’s lovely to see that Jessica is still and important member of the family. Well done Thomas, for LEJOG and the barber’s ! xx

    1. Thank you, she’s still very much a part of things and it means a lot when other people remember her, like they have done this weekend. It’s been a big week for Thomas with both those achievements!

  2. I always think young children look so sweet (but apprehensive) when they sit in the hairdresser’ chair. Looks like you managed quite a bit of outdoor time this week. Certainly more than we did

    1. He certainly was a bit apprehensive about it, but he coped beautifully, even with the clippers.

  3. It looks like a lovely week. Planting a snowdrop for Jessica was such a fantastic thing to do.
    Aww! I loved my girls playing Peek-a-boo. It is so simple but so enjoyable.
    Congrats on Thomas being a member of the LEJOG Association. What a special achievement!

    1. Thank you Kim. It was lovely to be able to do something like that in Jessica’s memory and yes a very special achievement for Thomas too.

  4. What a beautiful thing to do, to plant a snowdrop in memory of Jessica. Thomas has such a cheeky grin in the peek-a-boo photo, bless him. He did so well at the barber’s.

  5. I think young children do look nervous when they sit in the hairdresser’s chair. Looks like you managed quite a bit of outdoor time this week, the weather has been rubbish here. x

  6. He is so adorable playing peek a boo, I can hear his giggles now.
    Nice to have a family evening and imagine Jessica joining in, sadly gone but never forgotten.
    The award in honour of his sister is a fab gesture

  7. Such beautiful photos. It sounds like you had a wonderful day out and how lovely that Sophie is always thinking of Jessica. I think Thomas gets cuter! Love the photos of him playing peek-a-boo and at the barber’s. How lovely to get the award from LEJOG in memory of Jessica. x

    1. Thank you Sarah. So glad that Sophie still thinks so often of Jessica and yes it was so lovely for Thomas to get that award in memory of her too x

  8. Such beautiful photos and lovely family memories. I really feel so much better when I think about what I am grateful for each day

  9. TOO MUCH ADORABLENESS IN ONE POST!!! So much heartwarming to hear about your trip to Wycombe. Peak a boo games never bore me or little kids. Congrats to Thomas joining the association

  10. Thomas is getting so grown up! I’m glad his first trip to the barbers went well (Matt was terrible when he was a toddler, I almost thought he’d end up like Rapunzel!) #project366

    1. He certainly is growing up fast! That first haircut made him look so much more like a little boy than a baby.

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