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Friday 13th – a day that changed our lives forever

Friday 13th May 2011. A day that was hugely significant for us; a hospital appointment that would change our lives forever. Looking back, I recall it as a series of flashback moments. Walking into the hospital holding hubby’s hand, my legs shaking and a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.… Read more

Four years of being a heart family

Four years ago, we walked into a scan room full of excitement at the prospect of getting to see our baby and left with our world turned completely upside-down. Four years since we started our journey as a heart family. Four years ago, we were devastated and scared, not knowing where or how we would find the strength for the steps that lay ahead and clinging to our faith and belief that somehow God would help us endure what had to be endured.… Read more

Me and Mine – April

Being away on holiday for part of April plus having had a couple of days out together mean I’m spoiled for choice for family photos this month.   This is a month I need to remember the next time hubby has a really busy period at work; to remind myself that there are quieter times when we can enjoy plenty of time together as a family.… Read more

Motherhood – the little moments

There are many moments when motherhood can feel overwhelming – the exhaustion of chronic sleep deprivation, the weight of the responsibility of caring for and nurturing a little one and the mundaneness that often comes with the everyday. There are moments when it can feel lonely and moments when it feels like bedtime cannot come soon enough.… Read more

Me and Mine – March

This month has been one which has seen hubby working away a lot again but we have managed some lovely moments of quality family time in between all the various events that he has been working on.

Me and Mine (March) - Little Hearts, Big Love

We had a lovely day as a family at the Little Hearts Matter open day and it was so good to spend time with other heart families and chat to them.… Read more

The preschool Easter concert

Jessica’s first term at preschool is over and what a lovely way to end it by watching my big girl taking part in her preschool’s Easter concert.

The preschool Easter concert - Little Hearts, Big Love

We had fun last week making an Easter bonnet ready for the concert. We started off with an old straw hat that Grandma had given to Jessica and added some pretty pink ribbon, several Easter chicks, some flowers, sticky foam Easter shapes and some wool to make a nest at the top of the hat.… Read more

Siblings – March

Seeing my little girls enjoying being together is one of the most beautiful things about being a mummy of two. Whilst they still often choose to play separately, there are more and more moments where they want to be together, to play together (and yes, to fight over toys too!)

Siblings : March - Little Hearts, Big Love

Now that Sophie is more confident and steady on her feet, and the warmer weather is bringing more opportunities for outdoor fun, I have been experiencing the joy of seeing my two little girls wandering hand-in-hand, exploring the great outdoors.… Read more

Beautiful, fleeting moments

Two big blue eyes peek from a cot
A soft, sweet voice is cooing
Two little arms are lifted up
Beautiful, fleeting moments

Chubby arms around my neck
Small head upon my shoulder
My baby snuggling close to me
Beautiful, fleeting moments

Raspberries blown on a bare tum
Tickles, squeals of laughter
Row, row your boat – again, again!… Read more