Siblings – April

With each month that passes, it is lovely to see the bond between my two girls growing as the gap between them seems to diminish and they grow into little playmates. Where Jessica leads, Sophie will often try to follow and it is lovely to see Jessica taking her little sister’s hand as they wander along together. Sometimes they lead each other into mischief, sometimes they like to aggravate each other but there are many beautiful moments when they are laughing together or having a cuddle and just enjoying being together.

Siblings: April - Little Hearts, Big Love

This month’s photos are from one of those many moments where they were having a lot of fun together. One of their favourite things to do in our hotel room in the mornings was to climb into the wardrobe and sit there together and Sophie soon discovered that the rim of the wastepaper bin came off and was fun to play with. Both girls liked to put it over their heads and it seemed to provide more fun than the toys we had brought with us to help keep them amused!

Siblings: April - Little Hearts, Big Love

I’ve decided to slightly change the format of my Siblings post from this month onwards. I always love reading the family updates from Mel at Le Coin de Mel with her look back over each month’s little moments for her children and thought it would be nice to do something similar capturing how my girls are growing and changing each month:


Jessica (3 years 7 months)

  • Celebrated one of her heart days a couple of days ago with a piece of cake – it has been three years since her last open-heart surgery and what a blessing to see how well she is doing at the moment.
  • Loved staying at “the moon” (Premier Inn) whilst on holiday (one of my favourite Jessica-isms ever!)
  • Received her 75 signs certificate at Tiny Talk
  • Took part in the preschool Easter concert and made Mummy feel very proud!
  • Enjoyed her first ceilidh at our friends’ wedding and managed a pretty good attempt at the Gay Gordons.
  • Has made the transition from a cot to a big girl bed

Siblings: April - Little Hearts, Big Love

Sophie (1 year 5 months)

  • Is becoming increasingly chatty and starting to put sentences together – “want it please” “want get down”. Some of the Sophie-speak is still a bit babbly and hard to understand but she’s doing her best to make herself heard!
  • Now has 14 teeth and the bottom canines are currently coming through – hopefully we’ll have a break from teething then for a few months before the second molars appear
  • Received her 25 signs certificate at Tiny Talk
  • Starting to manage some longer walks without needing to be carried or go in the buggy although the walk to Jessica’s preschool is still a little too far.
  • Still loves to climb although no longer treats the living room like her own personal soft-play area quite as much as she used to!
  • Has outgrown her baby car seat and is now in a toddler one (although still rear-facing)

Siblings: April - Little Hearts, Big Love

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24 thoughts on “Siblings – April

  1. What a lovely update, it’s so beautiful to see them playing nicely together. They both look like they are having lots of cheeky fun! Especially in the bottom picture =)
    It’s so lovely to read updates like this, it’s amazing how many signs both of your girls can use! Clever little ladies!!

  2. I love that the girls are learning to sign, I wish they ran courses like that around here. I hope Jessica likes it in her big girl bed xxx #meandmine

  3. Oh they look so sweet tucked up in the wardrobe don’t they – it’s such a classic childhood moment isn’t it! And it sounds like they’ve both had wonderful months, they’re both doing so well at signing!

  4. A lovely way to update and keep a track of what the girls are up to. It is amazing how the gap between them seems to shrink as the younger one grows up a bit, isn’t it? Looks like lots of fun in that hotel ! x

    1. Thank you – they were having a great time. It is lovely to see how they get closer as they both get older 🙂

  5. Love these photos, its funny how kids find something like a bin such fun to play with – definitely sounds like something my two would do x

    1. It’s such a lovely way to describe them – much more fun to stay in “the moon” 🙂

    1. Thanks Jane – they certainly had fun climbing in the wardrobe and exploring the hotel room! 🙂

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