50 things that make me happy

Thank you so much to the lovely Lisa from Mummascribbles for tagging me in this – always good to stop to focus on a little positivity and think about some of the things that make me happy!

50 things that make me happy - Little Hearts, Big Love

1) Cuddles from my girlies

2) The words “I love you Mummy” – possibly the most beautiful phrase in the English language!

3) Hearing my girls laugh

4) Watching my wedding video

5) The big bear hug that hubby always gives me when he comes home from work

6) A long soak in a nice hot bath

7) Chinese takeaway

8) Having time to write

9) Singing on stage

50 things that make me happy - Little Hearts, Big Love

10) Watching musicals

11) Spending time with good friends

12) Seeing washing on the line in the sunshine

13) Going on adventures with my family

14) Getting lost in a good book

15) Sitting in a coffee shop and watching the world go by

16) Reading lovely comments on my blog

17) Looking through photos and revisiting those memories

18) Reminiscing about university days with my hubby

19) Sitting in the car and chatting with hubby when we arrive home and the girls have fallen asleep in the back

20) The rare moment when the house is clean and tidy!

21) Getting a good night’s sleep

22) Sticky kisses from my girls

23) Being able to go outside without needing a coat

24) The smell of freshly mown grass

25) Managing to tick everything off my to-do list!

26) Watching my children while they sleep

27) Sitting and doing crafts with the girls

28) Listening to my children chattering together

29) Singing around the house

30) That first cup of coffee in the morning

31) Listening to my girls singing

32) Dancing with my hubby

50 things that make me happy - Little Hearts, Big Love

33) Dancing with my girls

34) Dancing on my own in the kitchen when no-one is watching!

35) Playing the piano

36) Watching my children playing happily with their cousins

37) Seeing how happy and sociable my little girls are

38) Getting a hand-written newsy letter in the post

39) Seeing how happy my children are in our church

40) Being surrounded by the love and prayers of friends and family when it is most needed

41) Completing our Paralympic gold postbox challenge and being so close to completing the Olympic one too!

42) Exploring new places

43) Being able to sit out in the garden in the sunshine

44) When hubby makes the sound system play “I Just Called To Say I Love You” or something similar when he is away working

45) Snuggles on the sofa

46) Being able to have a lie-in

47) The look of joy and wonder on my children’s faces when they discover something new

48) Watching Strictly Come Dancing

49) The magic of Christmas

50) Seeing how loving my girls can be together

50 things that make me happy - Little Hearts, Big Love


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26 thoughts on “50 things that make me happy

  1. oh I love this post my lovely! Thanks for tagging me. I am rubbish with memes, but I will make an effort this time as it’s so nice to focus on the positive! The photo of you and your hubby dancing is great! I absolutely love your dress. Some really beautiful things mentioned there. It is all so full of love and kisses (sticky ones hehe), cuddles. You are a real mummy!!!

    1. Thank you Mel – I love that photo too, it’s one of my favourites. I loved the idea of focusing on so many positives too and it made me realise that nearly all the things that make me happy are completely free and just involve time with my family 🙂

  2. What a fantastic post, so much love and happiness. I was smiling all the way through. Thank you so much for the tag, what a wonderful opportunity to spread a bit of happiness. The picture of you and your husband dancing is gorgeous, beautiful dress =)

  3. Such a lovely post! It is very important to focus on the positives! I agree with you, ‘I love you Mummy,’ is the best phrase in the world! xxx

  4. Loving you 50 things especially strictly (I’m with you there) and all that dancing! Your girls look super cute x

  5. Hi my love, it’s been a while and what a lovely easy-to-read post and you look fab dancing with hubby. The photo of the girls hugging is just adorable. Love that one of your points is seeing your girls happy at Church. We are RC and we go to Mass (try to go hehe) every Sunday as it’s what we both did as children, and seeing my children do the things I did, in the very same Church I can’t quite put into words. I shall vote for you now in the Inspire section for the BiBs x

    1. Thank you Georgina – so glad that your children are so happy in your church too and thank you so much for the BiBs vote – that’s made my day! 🙂

  6. Such a lovely post. Wonderful how so many of them are the simple things xxx #TheList

    1. Thank you Leigh – definitely made me realise that nearly all the best things are free x

  7. Great shot of you and hubby dancing! This is a great list, I’d have many of the same things on mine 🙂

  8. Wonderful post! I still haven’t done my 50 things, ooops! Love the pic of you and hubby dancing xx

  9. I love reading these posts and what a gorgeous list, at least a dozen would be on my own! Love that photo of your hubby spinning you round 🙂

  10. What a wonderfully positive post full of lovely things that make you smile. Love that your hubby can play music when he’s not even in the house! And singing on stage?? You’ve been hiding your light under a bushel! Want to hear more about THIS please! In the meantime thanks for linking up at #sharethejoy this week lovely x

    1. Lol, I don’t do a lot of singing on stage these days but maybe I’ll go back to doing a little more when the children are bigger! Lovely to link up again and thank you for your lovely comment 🙂

  11. Oooh I love all these photos – you look stunning singing on stage!!! And the dancing pic is a belter. I also love a Chinese 🙂

    A great list, I love it xx Thanks for linking up #TheList xx

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