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Children’s Art Galleries – saving and storing your children’s creations

Both my girls love to draw, “do making” and generally get creative. Jessica, in particular, can be quite prolific. Every day she brings home new pictures for me in her school bag. I keep a few key pieces in the girls’ artwork folders but I can’t keep it all.  Sometimes I take photos of the children’s creations but it’s difficult to keep track of them in amongst all the other photos I take.… Read more

Footprint painting in the garden - Little Hearts, Big Love

Footprint painting in the garden

Both my girls enjoy getting creative with paint and paper and whilst I love to encourage their creativity, I don’t enjoy clearing up the mess afterwards! Making the most of the warm sunny weather and taking the paint and paper outside is a great way to have fun and be creative without having to worry too much about clearing up a lot of mess afterwards!… Read more

Keeping my children's artwork - Little Hearts, Big Love

Keeping my children’s artwork

From the moment their chubby fingers could first hold a crayon, my children have loved drawing and colouring, and getting creative with paints, paper and glue to produce their mini masterpieces. Their artwork has taken over the door to our dining room and the side of the bookcase. I love displaying it.… Read more

Making a bracelet using a pipe-cleaner and foam beads

Threading foam beads on to a pipe-cleaner is a great activity for toddlers and pre-schoolers as there are so many things they can learn through doing it. Threading the beads on to the pipe cleaner is great for improving fine motor skills plus it can also help them with counting numbers, and shape and colour recognition.… Read more

Three Little Pigs themed crafts

Jessica saw the Three Little Pigs performed at the Duplo Valley puppet show at Legoland on a recent visit there and the story seems to have really captured her imagination ever since. She spent quite a long time on the phone to my mum telling her all about the “piggies” and loved playing the Three Little Pigs board game.… Read more