Crafting with kids – egg box flowers

Sophie and I have been inspired by nature with our crafting over the last few weeks. These simple egg box flowers are easy for preschoolers to make with a little adult help to cut out the egg box and flower shapes.


Coloured flowers made from egg boxes and craft foam - "Crafting with kids - egg box flowers"


You will need:

  • An egg box
  • Craft foam
  • Straws
  • Green tissue paper
  • Paint
  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • Sticky tape
  • Sticky foam pads or glue


1) Cut out each individual egg cup from the egg box and trim to a flower shape. If your egg box has pointy bits in the middle, you can also cut these out and use them to make your flowers.


Cut out flower shapes from egg boxes


2) Paint the egg cups in different colours and leave to dry.


Sophie painting the egg cups


3) Draw a flower shape on a piece of craft foam and cut out.


A flower shape drawn on a piece of craft foam


4) Stick the painted egg cups to the middle of each flower shape using glue or sticky foam pads.


Sophie holding up a flower shape with a painted egg cup stuck to the middle


5) Wrap green tissue paper around a straw and secure with sticky tape.


Green tissue paper-covered straws


6) Stick the tissue paper-covered straw to the back of the flower using sticky tape.


A straw stuck to the back of a craft foam flower


We made several different flowers in a variety of colours. The egg cup pieces worked well with rounded petals. We decided to go for more pointy-shaped petals for the flowers where we used the pointy pieces from the egg box. Our flower stems didn’t have leaves but you could also cut out leaves from craft foam and add them to the tissue paper-covered straws.


A variety of flowers made from craft foam and an egg box

One thought on “Crafting with kids – egg box flowers

  1. Oh I love these! Simple but really effective. We might make some as a gift for my mum one day, lovely to display when you don’t have any fresh flowers 🙂

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