Crafting with kids – a toilet roll dragon with a nest of eggs

This month’s #BostikBlogger craft theme is fantasy creatures. Fairies are usually the first choice when it comes to fantasy creatures. Having made some craft stick fairies last month though, we decided to go for dragons instead. Sophie and I have had fun making a toilet roll dragon sitting on a nest of dragon eggs.


A sparkly purple dragon made from toilet rolls sitting on a nest of polystyrene eggs - "Crafting with kidss - a toilet roll dragon with a nest of eggs"


You will need:

  • A paper bowl
  • Paint and/or paint pens
  • Coloured shredded tissue paper or raffia
  • Polystyrene eggs
  • Sequins
  • Glue (we used a Bostik Fine and Wide Glu Pen)
  • Three toilet rolls
  • Sparkly paper
  • Stick-on jewels
  • Pipe cleaners (orange, yellow and one in a similar colour to the sparkly paper)
  • Tape (we used Bostik Tape Discs)
  • Googly eyes


1) Paint the outside of the paper bowl and leave to dry. We used glittery blue paint for this.


Painting the outside of the paper bowl with blue glitter paint



2) Paint the inside of the paper bowl.


Sophie painting the inside of the bowl using paint pens



3) Paint the polystyrène eggs. We used paint pens for this.


Sophie painting the polystyrene eggs



4) Cover the eggs in glue. Place the sequins in a bowl and roll the glue-covered egg on the sequins. Leave to dry.


Sophie dipping the glue covered egg in a bowl full of sequins



5) Spread glue on the inside of the paper bowl and fill with shredded tissue paper to make the nest. Add the sequin-covered eggs.


The paper bowl filled with shredded blue paper and sparkly polystyrene eggs



6) Cover three toilet roll tubes in sparkly paper. We used sticky-back paper but you could use normal glittery paper and use glue to attach it to the toilet roll.


7) Cut the toilet roll tubes in half.


The toilet roll tubes covered in purple sparkly paper



8) Cut along the length of one piece of toilet roll tube and roll into a cone shape. Glue down the edges.


9) Stick jewels over the toilet roll tubes to decorate the dragon’s body.


Sophie sticking jewels on the toilet roll tubes



10) Join the toilet roll tubes together with the cone shape at the end by threading a pipe cleaner through each one and securing with sticky tape or tape discs to make the dragon.


11) Glue two googly eyes to the front end of the dragon.


The toilet roll tubes connected with a pipe cleaner and googly eyes added to the dragon



12) Cut orange and yellow pipe cleaners into approx 10cm length and tape to the inside of the toilet roll forming the dragons head.


The finished toilet roll dragon complete with orange and yellow pipe cleaner "flames"



13) Curl the dragon around the nest to guard the eggs.


A purple sparkly dragon made from toilet rolls sitting on a nest of polystyrene eggs



Sophie made the nest and eggs herself with very little help from me but the dragon was a little trickier. I did most of the putting together of the dragon although Sophie stuck the jewels on . She loved the finished Mummy dragon sitting on her eggs.


Sophie with her finished dragon on the nest of eggs


We were sent a box of Bostik craft materials as part of being a Tots100 #BostikBlogger


One thought on “Crafting with kids – a toilet roll dragon with a nest of eggs

  1. This is so fab – just showed it to my little girl and she’s asked to make a dragon at the weekend! Thanks for the crafting inspiration 🙂

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