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The girls meeting the Zingzillas at CBeebies Land

Making the most of a day at CBeebies Land

My girls love CBeebies – it’s the only channel they get to watch (mostly because I can’t stand the endless adverts on other channels!)  We last visited CBeebies Land two years ago and it was a trip that was clearly memorable as far as Jessica was concerned as she still brings it up, often bringing up details that we have long since forgotten.  Both she and Sophie were very excited when we got to visit again at the end of August and Jessica was very keen to tell us about all the rides she wanted to go on – particularly the Numtums ride and Postman Pat and Mr Bloom’s Allotment (“but that’s not a ride Mummy”)

Sophie riding on Daddy's shoulders as they head towards the entrance to CBeebies Land: Making the most of a day at CBeebies Land

Once we arrived at Alton Towers though it was a new ride that caught Jessica’s attention – the Octonauts rollercoaster ride.  I think Sophie would have also loved to go on it but wasn’t tall enough so went on a Treetop Adventure with Daddy while I went on the rollercoaster with Jessica.  She posed for her OctoCadet licence photo and was very excited as we got on the ride – but went rather quiet partway through.… Read more

Looking back on summer

Jessica’s birthday marks the end of the summer for us (although with return of some warm sunny weather at the moment, it still feels like summer is lingering for a while longer). Our first summer as a family of four has been a lovely one – we have been out and about a lot and spent lots of time with family and friends.… Read more

Me and Mine (August)

It’s been a bit of a mixed month for us with regards to family time. Hubby spent the first half of the month working away on an event. Whilst we enjoyed having a stay at Nanny’s whilst he was away, we missed being together as a family, and so it was lovely to be able to go away for a few days at the end of the month, going on an adventure to find some more gold postboxes as well as enjoying a day out at CBeebies Land where this month’s photos were taken:

Me and Mine Aug-14 (3)

Me and Mine Aug-14 (2)

Me and Mine Aug-14 (1)

This is the second time we’ve been to a theme park as a family this year, having been to Legoland for my birthday back in May (and then this month’s theme park trip almost coincided with hubby’s birthday which was a couple of days earlier).  What was particularly lovely this time around was being able to go on the rides as a family – now that Sophie is able to sit independently (and is now standing and starting to take her first few steps), she is able to go on all the rides that Jessica can.… Read more

Alton Towers and CBeebies Land

Like a lot of toddlers, Jessica is a huge fan of CBeebies and as soon as we heard that CBeebies Land was coming to Alton Towers, we knew we would have to try and take her at some point.
Alton Towers and CBeebies Land - Little Hearts, Big Love
As we walked through the gates and headed in the direction of CBeebies Land and she recognised the CBeebies bugs by the entrance, she got very excited – especially once we were through the entrance and she could see the Postman Pat ride and In the Night Garden ride.… Read more