Making the most of a day at CBeebies Land

My girls love CBeebies – it’s the only channel they get to watch (mostly because I can’t stand the endless adverts on other channels!)  We last visited CBeebies Land two years ago and it was a trip that was clearly memorable as far as Jessica was concerned as she still brings it up, often bringing up details that we have long since forgotten.  Both she and Sophie were very excited when we got to visit again at the end of August and Jessica was very keen to tell us about all the rides she wanted to go on – particularly the Numtums ride and Postman Pat and Mr Bloom’s Allotment (“but that’s not a ride Mummy”)

Sophie riding on Daddy's shoulders as they head towards the entrance to CBeebies Land: Making the most of a day at CBeebies Land

Once we arrived at Alton Towers though it was a new ride that caught Jessica’s attention – the Octonauts rollercoaster ride.  I think Sophie would have also loved to go on it but wasn’t tall enough so went on a Treetop Adventure with Daddy while I went on the rollercoaster with Jessica.  She posed for her OctoCadet licence photo and was very excited as we got on the ride – but went rather quiet partway through.  I think it was just a little too fast for her liking and while she said she liked it, she didn’t want to go on it again.

Jessica's Octo-Cadet badge and her "my first rollercoaster ride" photo
Our ride photos from the Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure ride. (It wasn’t Jessica’s first rollercoaster ride though – she’s been on the Dragon’s Apprentice at Legoland and her reaction was fairly similar!)

Captain Barnacles himself was there to greet us as we came off the rollercoaster and the girls were very excited to see him. He was just the first of many CBeebies characters that we got to see during the course of the day and, as much as the girls enjoyed the rides, I think these were probably their favourite moments of the day.  Later on, we got to see the Zingzillas and Hey Duggee performing in the Big Fun Showtime (not at the same time!)  Jessica loved seeing the Zingzillas so much that we had to come back again when the show was repeated in the afternoon!

Meeting the characters at Cbeebies: (clockwise from top left) Zingzillas, Captain Barnacles, Hey Duggee, Upsy Daisy, Mim-Mim and Igglepiggle

We also got to see Upsy Daisy and Igglepiggle and Mim-Mim from Kate and Mim-Mim. Jessica was a little disappointed not to bump into Kate as well!


Mr Bloom’s Allotment was one of my favourite areas last time.  It really does feel like you have stepped into an episode of Mr Bloom. Unfortunately, it’s the one area where photos aren’t allowed; on the plus side it does mean you focus on enjoying the moment rather than trying to capture it.


Next up we braved the 50-minute queue for In the Night Garden Magical Boat Ride. I love the fact that there are various activities along the way to help keep the children entertained while waiting in the queue. Both girls enjoyed the ride and seeing all their favourite characters. I was a little sad that there was no ride photo on this one as we got one on this ride last time we were here and I was hoping to have an updated photo of the four of us on the ride.

Sophie looking out at Makka Pakka on the In the Night Garden Magical Boat Ride

The girls had quite a few goes on the Numtums Number-Go-Round, which was one of Jessica’s favourites from last time and has the added bonus of having next to no queue.  Sophie couldn’t quite decide on which number car she wanted and tried a few out during the ride – as it moves so slowly, it was easy to keep switching and there seemed to be no problem about her doing so!

Sophie on one of the cars on the Numtums Number-Go-Round ride

Charlie and Lola’s house was a big hit with Sophie who loved putting different clothes on Charlie and Lola. I loved the way they responded depending on what clothes they had on. Jessica was keen to go in Justin’s Pie-matic factory which basically involved putting sponge balls into machines and them being fired out again. I discovered that they can hurt quite a bit if they hit you right in the face and was quite relieved when Jessica decided she’d had enough!

(top) Jessica dressing Sizzles in Charlie and Lola's house and (bottom) dressing Lola

The Postman Pat Parcel Post ride was another favourite from last time. Hubby and I quite enjoyed sitting in the back as the girls drove the post van and it was one of the rides we ended up going on again.


The girls also enjoyed exploring the Tree Fu Tom’s Training Camp play area although hubby and I found it hard to keep track of where they both were at times as it was quite big and the seating areas are around the edges. Trying to keep track of both children and the bags and coats required more eyes that the pair of us possessed!

Sophie going on the zip wire at Tree Fu Tom's Training Camp (with a little help from daddy!)

We finished off the day with one more ride on the Treetop Adventure, followed by a walk through the Something Special Sensory Garden.  I couldn’t resist comparing the shot of Jessica next to the butterfly with the one I had taken almost exactly two years earlier – definitely one of those moments when I realised just how quickly my big girl is growing up!  It really didn’t feel like it had been two years since our previous visit.

(top) Jessica next to a butterfly in the Something Special Sensory Garden aged 2yrs 11 months and (bottom) the same location with Jessica aged 4yrs 11mths

We had intended to at least take the Skyride cable car to see some of what Alton Towers had to offer outside of CBeebies Land but the girls were enjoying it all too much to want to leave, and in the end, we just ran out of time.  I wasn’t particularly sorry though.  No doubt there will be time for all of that later. One day, they will be too big to want to go to CBeebies Land and I am sure a part of me will miss it.  It was lovely to be able to make the most of a day there this time around.  The girls were certainly very tired (but happy!) at the end of it!

The view from the Treetop Adventure ride and Daddy and Jessica on one of the Treetop cars

A tired Sophie having a cuddle with Daddy

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

35 thoughts on “Making the most of a day at CBeebies Land

  1. Lovely photos, Louise. Olivia loves Cbeebies Land too, except the Octonauts Rolloercoaster ride, it was shock of her life lol. I know what you mean about the adverts in other channels, you’ll end up with “I wish, I have that toy” or “can I have that toy on my birthday?” I have to limit Olivia’s time with other channels too.

    1. Thank you Melody – the rollercoaster ride can be a bit of a shock the first time can’t it? 🙂

  2. Just realizing how long it is since our TV was tuned to Cbeebies. I recognize some of the characters. You look like you had a fun day. I can imagine that they did enjoy going back and seeing it again. I know my children at that age would have run a mile from the lifesized characters, so its nice to see that your two are braver. #CountryKids

    1. Glad you recognised some of them! I can imagine that the lifesized characters can be quite scary.

  3. It does look like lots of fun. I think my girls are growing out of CBeebies so we would probably need to visit sooner rather than later if we are going to do it. Although I might insist if it meant I got the chance of a Dugee Hug! #countrykids

  4. Cbeebies Land sounds like the perfect place to spend the day with Jessica and Sophie, they look thoroughly entranced by it all. I think you’re right, it’s important to make the most of Cbeebies Land before they decide they’re too old for in and start asking for the bigger rollercoasters. The comparison of Jessica next to the butterfly in the sensory garden is fab, it’s amazing how much she’s grown up in the last 2 years.

    Thanks for linking up to me on #CountryKids.

    1. It was such a lovely day but that photo was definitely a reminder of how quickly my girls are growing up and how important it is to make the most out of days like this while they are still young enough to enjoy them 🙂

  5. Awww it’s so lovely to see that you had a wonderful time at CBeebies Land (twice!) It’s such a fab place, we had so much fun when we visited and I can’t wait to take Boo again. I love the two photos of Jessica next to the butterfly – what a difference!

  6. oh bless Jessica – hats off for going on the rollercoaster! my boy wouldn’t. he doesn’t even do slides alone at soft play lol. her face is a picture. bless. cebbebies sounds better than I thought it would tbh! ##CountryKids

    1. It’s funny Jessica used to be the same with slides and then this summer she’s suddenly become more adventurous 🙂

  7. Looks like you all had a wonderful day out Louise. I would love to take the kids to cbeebies land but as it is so expensive we are waiting till LM is a little older to make sure she would be able to really enjoy it. Oh and with you in hating the adverts on the other channels! Xx

    1. Thanks Caroline – it is an expensive day out – we used the vouchers from cereal boxes to help make it a bit more affordable!

    1. Lol, yes I can imagine my 12 year old niece would be the same! It’s a fab day out 🙂

  8. Having older kids we missed out on going to Cbeebies land.It sounds like a long day if you have to queue for a long time for rides.I bet they will be wanting to go back again.Over from Country Kids.

    1. Thankfully there were only a couple of long-ish queues and the rest were only around10-15 minutes which was better than I was expecting for a bank holiday weekend.

  9. Oh that sounds like a lovely day out! I had no idea Alton Towers had a CBeebies land, we might go there instead of Lego Land next time we have a big day out. It’s closer to us anyway but I thought Lego Land had more for children but my two are huge CBeebies fans as well.

    1. It was a lovely day and I’m sure your girls would love it. CBeebies Land certainly has plenty for smaller children – not so sure about the rest of the park as we didn’t get to explore it!

  10. I actually didn’t realise there were so many rides at Cbeebies Land. We went to Thomas Land earlier this year and loved that, but I think we will have to pay Cbeebies Land a visit too. My boys love Octonauts so would love a ride on that ride and my little one like Postman Pat too. Thanks for sharing. #countrykids

    1. Thomas Land is on my list of places I’d like to take the girls at some point too 🙂

    1. It is fun to see the characters from TV – it’s like meeting celebrities as far as the children are concerned! 🙂

  11. This looks like such an amazing days and is somewhere that I am desperate to take my children to. I had hoped we’d do it before my eldest starts school next September but time is slipping away! Everything about it just sounds amazing! #CountryKids

    1. So easy for that time to feel like it is slipping away, isn’t it? Hope you manage to get a trip in before your eldest starts school x

    1. Thank you Emma – am sure your youngest two would love it if they are big CBeebies fans 🙂

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