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Jessica and Sophie - Siblings - September 2016

Siblings – September 2016

This month has seen the biggest change in my little duo’s siblings journey since Sophie first arrived.  Jessica started big school at the beginning of last week and has been on full days from the word go, which means this is the first time she and Sophie have been separated for large chunks of each day.  It’s felt very strange not having both my little girls around during the day and Sophie has definitely been missing her big sister.  She’s not quite known what to do with herself during the day and has been needing a lot of extra mummy cuddles.… Read more

Me, hubby, Jessica and Sophie at the signpost at Land's End

Me and Mine – August 2016

I can’t quite believe we’re at the end of August.  The summer holidays have whizzed by far too quickly for my liking.  In just under a week’s time, my big girl will start school and celebrate her 5th birthday.  This summer has felt incredibly precious – making the most of this time before Jessica takes another little step into being more independent from us.  It feels like she has grown up so much over the summer – that little girl who left preschool just a few short weeks ago has become more confident, more self-assured.  I know she is ready; she is excited and looking forward to starting big school.  Me – less so.… Read more

Jessica and Sophie heading into the woods, hand-in-hand, with their fairy wings on

Siblings – August 2016

This summer has felt like a significant one – the last summer before Jessica starts school and I’ve been determined to make the most of it.  Thankfully the weather has been mostly been on my side and we’ve enjoyed getting out and about, having little adventures.  Seeing my girls heading off on an adventure together, hand-in-hand, is so wonderful.  They love to explore and to use their imaginations and where Jessica leads, Sophie is always ready to follow!… Read more

Me, hubby, Jessica and Sophie on the miniature train at Bekonscot model village

Me and Mine – July 2016

This year is certainly whizzing by – I can’t believe that we are almost in August already and that there is just over a month to go until my big girl starts school (sob!)  Jessica’s last day at preschool was certainly an emotional one from my perspective – although I am thankful that to her, it is all very exciting and she is looking forward to the next big adventure!… Read more

Jessica and Sophie in their pink raincoats at Legoland - Siblings July 2016

Siblings – July 2016

This month has been one where I’m acutely aware of the time passing by far too quickly and how my children are growing up too quickly for my liking.  We’re coming to the end of an era – we’ve had our last term-time holiday, our last term-time days out at Legoland and Jessica finishes preschool this week.  I’ve been feeling quite emotional about it all and wondering where on earth the time has gone – surely it was only yesterday that baby Jessica was placed in my arms for the first time and now she is getting to be quite a big girl.… Read more

Me and Mine - June 2016 - reflecting on the past month for the Me and Mine project

Me and Mine – June 2016

This time five years ago, right at the start of our journey as a family, we took a very big step.  A step into the unknown, a leap of faith taken in the hope of being granted the miracle we had been praying for.  Our baby girl underwent her very first surgery before she had even entered the world and it was this surgery that gave her a chance of being able to cope with all the surgeries that have followed it.… Read more

Milestone moments: swimming, sports day and sleeping in a big girl bed

The last week has seen a couple of milestone moments for my girls; moments of seeing them taking a step forward, growing in confidence or trying something new.  I’ve found before that being on holiday and stepping out of routine can sometimes help give that push to try something new, and this has certainly been true recently.… Read more

Siblings - June 2016 - a monthly photo project

Siblings – June 2016

It’s a relief to be the other side of Jessica’s cardiac catheter procedure this month and I was proud of both my girls with how well they coped with Jessica’s hospital admission.  We’re very fortunate to have plenty of friends in Southampton who provide the most wonderful support every time we find ourselves back in hospital there.  Sophie and Daddy were able to stay nearby with a couple of friends of ours although spent most of the time at the hospital.  Last time we were in for a cardiac catheter procedure Sophie was a tiny baby, which in many ways made things a little easier – this time of course, she needed to be kept amused too!… Read more

Me and Mine – May 2016

April was all about snatching family moments when we could and this was something that definitely continued into May with hubby having been working away on events throughout most of the month.  Whilst we are used to this being a normal part of our family life, we are always a little less settled when hubby is away.  The girls miss Daddy being around and are a little more clingy than usual – wanting extra cuddles (which is quite nice in a way) and there are the constant questions about “how many more sleeps until Daddy comes home?”

Making the most of family moments in May

They love going to the airport to meet Daddy when he has been away.  Hearing those squeals of delight when hubby appears and the pure happiness on his face as his two little girls rush over to give him the biggest cuddles never fails to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  Somehow all the stress and the challenges of the time without him melt away in the joy of feeling like we are complete again.… Read more