Word of the Week – Rollercoaster

It’s been a bit of a tough week this week and I’ve spent a lot of it riding the emotional:


There’s not been anything in particular happening that’s been the cause of this – other than my old friend the black dog making himself at home again. I’m tired and missing hubby being around (although he is wonderful when he is able to be at home, helping out with the girls and stopping to really listen to the mess of emotional thoughts that comes out of my head).


I’m trying to find the positives at the moment and have set myself a challenge to post a photo each day on Instagram this month of something that has made me smile. I know this current phase will pass – I keep reminding myself of that – and hopefully looking for the positive moments will help with that too.


Linking in with Jocelyn at the Reading Residence for Word of the Week:

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26 thoughts on “Word of the Week – Rollercoaster

    1. Thank you – trying to stay focused on looking for the positives, can be all too easy to get sucked into a spiral of negativity otherwise x

  1. Rollercoasters have their ups and downs, so it might be down at the moment, but you will soon be up again, especially if you keep up those positive thoughts. Hope things feel better soon. x

  2. I’m sorry you have the black dog hovering, it’s hard when this happens. It’s great that you’re able to focus on positive things as I really do think this makes a difference, even when it’s hard work to do so xx

  3. Sorry to hear it’s been a tough week. That sounds like a good IG challenge to be joining in with and I hope it helps a little. Hope things improve soon x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. Sorry to hear it has been a bit up and down for you this week….Hugs! Good luck with your Instagram challenge….

    1. It’s been tough but am trying to find the positive moments and not let the challenging moments get to me, hopefully next week will be better x

  5. Goodluck with your instgram challenge!! 🙂 X
    Sadly I’ve missed a few (i know it’s only the 6th) Eeeekkkk.
    I really wanted to complete the #BashSAD challenge, but work and children have got in the way…
    Must make more effort….

    Sa x

    1. Thank you – keeping up with it so far and trying to stay positive – also got some good support from my GP and health visitor now so hopefully will be getting that black dog back under control very soon. Thank you for the hugs x

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