Sharing smiles for October

Miss Cookas at All The Sunny Mummy Days has set a challenge to share one thing that has made you smile each day in October in the hope of spreading a little positivity. I love this idea especially as with hubby away so much lately, life has felt a bit more challenging and so finding something positive each day is definitely a good thing.  So throughout October, I will be sharing a photo a day on Instagram of something that has made me smile.


Here’s today’s: watching Jessica engrossed in painting her hands green whilst painting – do we have a future make-up artist for ‘Wicked’ in the making here?

2014-10-01 at 12-16-36

5 thoughts on “Sharing smiles for October

  1. That’s so awesome that you are doing the challenge on Instagram! Photos tell such lovely stories and this photo is gorgeous 😀 I’m so glad your helping to spread the smiles around! And I’m also glad it’s given you something to smile about when your hubby is away. xx

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