Wicked Wednesday

One of the things you have to learn when getting to grips with eating is that the difference between a bowl and a hat.Β  Thankfully the contents of the bowl had been eaten first otherwise this could have been very messy!

Wicked Wednesday


26 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday

  1. Love this, kids do the same-bowls are hats according to them-was all the rage at London Fashion Week didn’t you know?! #wickedwednesday

  2. That’s what you are supposed to do with a bowl isn’t it…….. πŸ˜‰ love it lol xx

  3. Oh, way to cute for words. Yes, I was experiencing a bit of this today. Though at 7 months, my little guy is just busy throwing stuff on the ground. Thank god he hasn’t figured out the bowl on head trick yet!!

  4. SO CUTE! And yes you were very lucky it was empty. Totally rocking that look. We will all be wearing bowls soon! Thanks so much for linking up and I hope to see you with another fab shot this week #wickedwednesdays xxx

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